Real Estate Appraisal Services

National Real Estate Appraisal Services

Anyone who is experienced with property management knows that obtaining a fast, reliable and cost-effective valuation service can be critical in assuring that you are able to turn a property around quickly and at a profit. United Field Services provides advanced risk analysis, product knowledge and data analytics in order to give you the most effective and actionable data possible. Valuation can include a wide range of services; contact us to learn more about the opportunities in your specific area of the country.

Nationwide Professional Network
Our appraisal team has many years of experience in the mortgage field services space, and understands the importance of a true valuation on your property. Our strong vendor network assures that we are able to work with local appraisers in the same local market as your property, so you are sure to get the most qualified appraisal based on proximity, historical performance and many more factors that can influence appraisals. Our vendor network of appraisers can handle a wide variety of assignment types.

Timely Delivery
Our costs and schedules are incredibly competitive, and you can trust that our appraisers are all professionals in the property preservation space, and are familiar with the specific needs of this type of appraisal.

Our nationwide property preservation network of appraisal professionals assures that you will receive a consistent and cost-effective result, as regional variations are smoothed by our highly-qualified team.

Our network includes only the most professional and skilled appraisers in the country, and those that adhere to the highest professional standards. We assure that they have the training, judgment, experience and knowledge to uphold the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) for every valuation that is completed. Many of our appraisers maintain additional state and national professional organization certifications as well as additional professional designations.

Peace of Mind
Careful monitoring by the team at United Field Services assures that the well-qualified appraisers provide valuation with the highest level of confidence that you will achieve a fair market value for your property, no matter the state that it is currently in. We provide a large number of appraisals every year, and give surety that they are as accurate as possible.

Customer Service
The proactive team at United Field Services will work closely with you and your management team to provide the best experience possible for your valuation and appraisal needs. You can trust United and our network of appraisal professionals with your next property project.