Field Inspection Short Sale Network

Default Management Solutions

Efficient Default Management Services

United F.S. service provider with the understanding and financial strength to handle both everyday and complex, high-liability default cases that require multi-layered solutions and verification.

We give our customers the self-assurance that comes from widespread default management experience, exacting attention to detail, and the financially establishment to guard them from losses.

Responsive Default Management Techniques & Services

Choose a default management solution that has been designed with meticulousness. We apply multiple checks and validations, from the time we receive your case file to the point where you take the property to sale, if foreclosure is the final resolution. All files receive supervisor-level review at critical points during the process to ensure file integrity and comprehensiveness, with a final, complete review by a senior specialty manager.

You can be sure that your case files meet state regulations and guidelines established by investors, because we continuously monitor for regulatory and policy changes, updating our Property Preservation, Notary, Title Short and Appraisal Sale services to ensure you are 100% compliant.

While our processes stress strict adherence to timelines, the desire to "get it right" supersedes the urge to "get it done."

Technology that enables efficient and responsive service

We have the capacity and the technology to provide our clients uninterrupted and responsive service through our Vendor Network, which are linked by a management workflow application that integrates with prime servicing systems.

Rapid, dependable answers to questions and real-time status reporting. Our assembly teams are trained and prepared to answer most questions in a single communication, and motivated to deal with exceptional issues that invariably occur in default management.

Prepared for any contingency

Our network of regional operating centers provides local support and management representation while delivering the capacity of a large-scale default management services company. Know that your files are protected by disaster recovery and business continuation plans that ensure continuity of service and performance under any circumstance.

Special services we provide our clients

We offer several dedicated services to serve our clients: