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United Field Services is an experienced provider of residential real estate maintenance and vacant property management. Our industry-leading solutions support the entire portfolio life cycle, from Rental Maintenance to REO property preservation, renovation, inspections, and lawn maintenance.

Services We Provide

United Field Services offers personalized field services to preserve and maintain properties, including maintenance, preservation, rehab, and inspections.

Rental Maintenance

Comprehensive maintenance services for vacant turnaround maintenance and occupied rental properties.

Property Preservation

The highest quality REO property preservation services in the field services industry.

Rehab & Renovation

A network of vetted and licensed contractors to bring your property into financeable condition from small repairs to full-scale renovations.

Reo Field Services

We provide full REO field services to make sure properties are secure, well maintained, and in compliance with all applicable laws.


The convenience and flexibility of experienced inspectors that pride themselves on the speed and efficiency of the order process.

Rental Turn Service

Rental Turn Service management services that provide accurate, timely, and complete reports to serve your needs.

I’ve been with United Field Services for roughly 3 years now and have never had one issue. In a time of so many questionable companies United Field sets the standard for professionalism, communication and strong work ethics. More importantly United Field makes you feel like family, I honestly cannot say one bad thing about this company.

Jason Clifton

United Field Services has always been a pleasure to work with. Their staff and the team of vendors are always reliable. I can always count on them to get the job done right. They are always professional and have great patience especially when I ask the same question time and time again.”

Greg, Vice President, American Savings

Done a few jobs for them. Chris and the team communicate clearly, timely and payments are prompt. They provide a great service and I’ll do any jobs they throw my way. Would recommend to work with or use their service.

Danny Vaughan


United Field Services Is One Of The Most Assorted And Experienced Providers Of Field Services.

Our industry-leading solutions support the entire spectrum portfolio life cycle, from rental maintenance to REO property preservation, renovation, inspections, and lawn maintenance. We strive to provide professional, high quality, and accurate services for the default asset management and field services industry. The services we provide allow us to be the one-stop resource for pre-and post-foreclosure management and field asset services.

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