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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For Clients

United F.S. works with a wide range of clients nationwide and provides high-quality solutions for all their real estate needs. Our clientele includes banks and financial corporations, private investors, real estate brokers, mortgage banks, property managers, servicers, and private money lenders.

The United F.S. team implements the best practices curated by industry professionals and ensures that managed properties comply with all local, state, and federal agency requirements. Our services are executed in accordance with FHA, VA, HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. We provide the benefit of trusted and vetted partnerships that are executed with total trust and integrity on an ongoing basis. Working only with the best vendors who share our values for excellence in execution and service, we provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions for all your real estate needs. 

Moreover, thanks to our newly launched Management System, we are able to offer nationwide coverage and ensure you will quickly find qualified crews in your desired location. The system also allows easy and quick communication with your management team and an ability to track all work with photographs constantly uploaded by the vendors on the platform. 

You can get all of this and so much more by partnering with United Field Services, Inc. If you have more questions, feel free to contact our client manager at  

With our recently launched Management System, United Field Services offers bid programs to all clients. Thanks to the new platform made to organize and simplify your workflow, you can submit a new project for bidding and our team will match you with the most relevant and highly qualified professionals in your area. You will be able to make a decision having in hand all the information you need.

United Field Services, Inc. prioritizes client satisfaction, and we make sure all your needs are met, which is why our Management System was developed to help you get the most out of it. Thanks to the feature of sending back the order, you can re-submit the project for further updates in case you are not satisfied with the results. If your requirements are not met fully, and the job is incomplete, we will make sure the crews continue working till it’s complete. You can be confident that you will not spend money on incomplete services.

If you have any request about our services, please contact us via email at or call us with the following phone number: (877) 463-9010

For Vendors

United F.S. Vendors are contractors (both individuals and companies) offering a variety of services, including property maintenance and preservation, renovation and rehabilitation, inspections, appraisals and much more. Thanks to our huge network of clients and nationwide coverage, United F.S. provides relevant projects to its Vendors and ensures all services delivered are of highest quality. Find our full list of services here.

To become a United F.S. Vendor, you should have at least 2 years of professional experience and make sure your services are included in the least of services offered by us. Your eligibility and continued membership in our vendor network are determined by the quality of work, turnaround time, honesty, proper reporting, and proper documentation updates. Click here to view the complete list of services offered by United Field Services, Inc.

Becoming a United F.S. Vendor offers a great variety of benefits, some of which are:

  1. Nationwide coverage: We provide you with projects that are located in your closest area to ensure mutually effective and timely deliveries. 
  2. Right projects for your skills: We make sure to match you with projects that are relevant to your specific skills and qualifications to ensure everything is executed professionally. 
  3. Free training and resources: United F.S. provides all free resources to its new Vendors necessary to prepare for the job and better their skills. The resources provided include free training to help you adapt to the job as quickly as possible, free materials, such as ebooks and other documents that will help you track your progress and make sure you are doing a complete job. 
  4. Protected payment: Managing all communication with clients, we ensure our Vendors’ salaries are safe and paid on time. All you are required to do is deliver a complete service in accordance with all requirements and you can be confident your payments will be done fully and right on time. 
  5. Management System: By becoming a United F.S. Vendor, you will start working with our newly launched management system, which will allow you to simplify all communication, get many more jobs relevant to you and based in your desired location. 

All of these and much more you will get by working with United F.S. All you need to do is register and start your journey with us now.

To become a United F.S. Vendor, make sure you register here by filling in all the required data.

You can connect with our vendor management team via email, by contacting