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Mortgage Field Services With Nationwide Coverage

When you need comprehensive management services to help liquidate an asset, look to United Field Services to help protect your investments. United Field Services offers a variety of custom and standard mortgage field services based on client needs. Each client gets service custom-tailored to fit their needs which utilize our nationwide vendor network. Our network of qualified vendors and contractors provides competitively priced, timely, and quality work needed to preserve and maintain properties throughout the REO life cycle. The services include property preservation, inspections, rehab, renovation, and appraisals:

Mortgage Field Services

Property Preservation Services

We work with professional property preservation contractors throughout the United States to ensure that the properties we are responsible for are maintained in a way that exceeds mortgage field services industry standards. Property preservation services include lawn care and maintenance, debris removal, eviction, winterization, lock changing and rescuing, mold remediation, etc.

Rehab and Renovation Services

Regardless of the type of renovation project, that you need to undertake United Field Services can work with you to create a rehabilitation and remodeling plan based on the needs of your property as well as your budget and complete it quickly and cost-effectively.
The renovation service list consists of general contracting, bathroom remodeling and renovation, kitchen remodeling, and renovation, flooring, tile services, roofing, home inspections, maid and cleaning services, etc.

Home Inspection Services

United Field Services, Inc. offers a full array of inspection services tailored to our client requirements. With our professional approach to mortgage field inspection services, we help to minimize and mitigate losses by spotting out issues early on in the REO process. The types of home inspection services that we provide are occupancy inspection, full home inspection, quality control inspection, roof, HVAC, electrical, structural/foundation, septic inspection, well inspections, etc.

Appraisal Services

We offer comprehensive appraisal services to manage the appraisal process for our mortgage field services clients, by providing them accurate and timely appraisal reports and valuations on assets. Our appraisal management services include 1004 Conventional, 1004 FHA Single-Family, 1004 USDA, 1004C FHA Manufactured Home, 1004C-MFH 1004D Appraisal Update, 1007 Rent Schedule, 1025 Conventional, 1025 FHA Multi-Family, 1025 USDA Multi-Family, 1073 Condo, 1073 FHA Condo, 1075 Exterior Condo, 2000 Field Review, 203K FHA Appraisal w/ After Repair Value, 2055 Exterior Only, 2055 Interior, 2090 Co-op, 216 Income Statement.

Being in the field services industry for over 10 years, no other mortgage field services company comes close to the quality and professionalism of United F.S.”

Mortgage Field Services List

  • Property Preservation
  • REO Field Services
  • Renovation and Rehab
  • Home Inspections Services
  • Specialty Inspections
  • Debris Removal / Trash out
  • Mold Remediation
  • Securing
  • Winterization
  • Appraisal 

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United Field Services

Nationwide Vendor Network

Always available to serve you

Meeting agressive turnaround times

Dedicated teams to meet your needs

In short, we don’t go home until you do. We are always available to take on any project, big or small.