When you need a property preservation service company to get your property quickly into conveyance condition and care for the inside and outside of the vacant or foreclosed property contact United Field Services. We provide a range of regulatory-compliant property preservation services to ensure that each property is maintained and secured in perfect condition. You can leverage our highly qualified network of ​property preservation vendors​ for the highest quality services with quick turnaround times and results.

We work with professional and licensed property preservation contractors throughout the United States to guarantee that the properties we are responsible for are maintained and preserved in a way that exceeds industry standards and is in compliance with the regulatory guidelines for the loan type. Our nationwide network of trained and vetted property preservation servicers work to remove any debris, secure the property, winterize, and conduct regular maintenance of the lawn and surrounding areas when necessary. This is to ensure every property is kept secure, free of debris, and well maintained inside and out in compliance with any current legislation in the area.

Property Preservation Services

Our approach is built upon delivering quality-driven property preservation services to our clients. Below are presented some of the key advantages that we offer:

  • All of our vendors are kept up to date on regulatory requirements based on different loan types on a regular basis.
  • Since we already have a nationwide network of trained and trusted property preservation contractors in place, the timing couldn’t be easier.
  • The number of organizations that we work with on a national basis means that we always have just the right person to provide the property service that you need – from restoration and maintenance to inspections and appraisals.

Property Preservation Services Include


Lawn Care and Maintenance

We provide lawn care services which include grass cut, weeding, trimming edge,  fertilization, core aeration, cleanup, mulching, etc.  Our highly experienced crew of lawn care providers are always available to serve you.
Similar services: Shrub Trimming, Snow Removal, Pool Securing, And Maintenance


Our crew will organize trash out of vacant or foreclosed properties. Our trash-out service contains removing and disposing of junk from a property. We will empty the house so a cleaning, renovation, or construction team may start their work, and ensure there will be no damage to the property.
Similar services: Sales Clean, Pest Removal

Debris Removal

Our debris removal service is affordable and simple. We will remove the exterior, interior, and hazardous waste generated during home improvement, cleanouts, general decluttering, or any other projects.


Winterization is critical for a vacant, abandoned property’s plumbing to endure a winter freeze. We will thoroughly winterize bathtubs, toilets, dishwasher, water heater, washer box, hose bibs, faucets, shower drains, etc. This property preservation service helps to circumvent unwanted water damage and mold.


With us, you can have peace of mind as we will take care of the eviction process. Feel safer by putting your eviction process into the hands of experts.

Curb Appeal

The curb appeal service will improve the attractiveness of a property from the sidewalk to a prospective home buyer. To make the property more attractive we will implement many cost-effective ways such as changing the exterior paint color, cleaning up landscaping, modernizing light fixtures.

Lock Changes & Resecuring

Lock changes and resecuring will be done at each property based on the regulatory or client requirements.

Code Violation Correction

A code violation occurs when some elements in the construction of the property violate the code standard. It may be because some structural components are outdated or simply don’t comply with the state law. We will conduct an in-depth violation search on a property, perform all corrections, and report the results.

Mold Remediation

We provide rapid mold remediation services for properties by stemming the tide of mold, cleaning, and sanitizing.

Vacant Property Registration

Our vacant property registration management team goes beyond the zip code to pinpoint individual property registration requirements for pre-foreclosure and REO properties through the U.S.


Barding windows and doors are done according to HUD guidelines.

Roof Tarping

To protect your property from any damage we provide fast and quality roof tarping services.
Other services: Sign Postage, Utility Restoration

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