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MS Product Tour for Clients: Effortless Property Maintenance - Simplifying Your Management Tasks

 Learn how to navigate the main dashboard, add payment methods, register properties, create orders, view and manage notifications, update profile information, and utilize search filters for orders and properties. It also mentions the availability of contact information for further assistance.

How to Setup Your Account as a Client on MS​

This video explains the steps to create an account, add properties and work orders, and contact their representatives. You can learn how to register, set up payments, manage properties, create work orders, and find contact information. It provides a comprehensive overview of the sign-up process and the functionalities of the platform.

Creating New Orders in MS​

Learn the step-by-step process of creating a new order. It emphasizes the importance of accurately filling in the order information, selecting the appropriate work types, and adding any necessary notes.

Managing Notifications in MS

Find out how to access and manage notifications efficiently. It highlights the steps to review, mark as read, and remove notifications. The video emphasizes the convenience of accessing notifications both from the main dashboard and within the notification itself. Users can stay organized and up-to-date by effectively handling their notifications.

Updating Your MS Profile and Settings

Discover how to access your profile page, upload a profile photo, change your password, and modify your profile information. It highlights the importance of personalizing and updating your profile to reflect your preferences and current information.

Searching for Orders and Properties in MS

Learn how to access and filter orders based on various criteria such as work types and statuses. You can also learn how to search for properties based on filters. This video emphasizes the importance of using filters to streamline and refine your search results for efficient management of orders and properties.

Adding New Properties to Your MS Account

Discover the step-by-step process of adding a new property, including providing details and uploading images. It highlights the importance of accurately entering property information and organizing properties within the account. The video also emphasizes the convenience of accessing and managing properties.

Paying for Orders in MS​

Learn how to pay for your orders efficiently by accessing the main dashboard and navigating to the order section. Discover how to pay for all orders at once or select specific orders to pay off. Choose payment methods and mark orders as paid to streamline your payment process.

Managing Company Users and Permissions in MS

 Learn how to add and manage contacts on the company page. It covers adding new users, sending invitations, modifying permissions, canceling invitations, and deleting contacts. It emphasizes the importance of accurately entering and saving client information.

Accessing and Viewing Orders in MS

Discover how to access the complete list of orders. Explore order details, and effectively communicate with assigned specialists by selecting the order type and providing comments. Stay organized and informed about your orders.

Adding and Managing Payment Methods in MS

From this video, you can learn how to access the payment section, add payment methods such as credit cards or bank accounts, manage multiple payment methods, and choose a default option. It emphasizes the convenience and flexibility of having various payment methods on file.