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Successfully operating in the property preservation sphere for over 10 years, we’ve finally come up with the most effective collaborative system to work with all qualified contractors nationwide and provide more jobs and opportunities in the easiest way possible.

Get Matched With The Right Clients

Get the right clients based on your skills, qualifications, and services you provide.

Safe Payments

Deliver complete services and you can be sure your payments are protected and delivered right on time.

More Projects Than Ever

Through our easy and simplified platform, you get more jobs than ever in accordance with your skills and location.

Free Training And Resources

Free training to help strengthen your skills and a list of helpful resources to elevate your services, all provided by our team.

Easy And Direct Communication

Make use of the simplified messaging system of the platform, exchange messages with the team rapidly, and easily make updates on your work.

Easy Signup Process

No more need to waste your time on neverending tunnels of registration procedures. It’s easy, accessible, and fast.


The platform provides our vendors with a streamlined registration process while our timing contractors rest easy knowing they are getting clean and reliable data.

Get Approved

Once approved, you have successfully joined the platform. The system is architected specifically to be easy and extra fast, taking into account your location and special skills.

Get Free Training

The platform is designated for contractors to find all the necessary resources needed to get started. We make sure your services match all the industry standards.

Start Working With Us

We provide cost-effective REO solutions to a huge variety of institutions, including banks and financial corporations, private investors, national lenders, and asset managers nationwide. By joining the platform, you get all the benefits of working with United Field Services, Inc. and become part of our huge network.

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In Our REO Service List:

General Contracting

Appliance Repairs


Home Inspections

Lawen Care



Pest Control


Debris Removal

Boarding up

Lock Changes


Pool Maintenance

Code Violation Corrections

Electrical Services

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of property preservation services, such as general contracting, appliance repairs, securing, and home inspections. Therefore, we are seeking qualified contractors who specialize in these areas to join our network.

We use a secure payment system that protects both contractors and clients. Contractors receive payment only after completing the project to the client’s satisfaction.

We offer a range of free training resources, including training to help contractors strengthen their skills and elevate their services to meet industry standards.

The registration process is streamlined and straightforward. Contractors can easily sign up by visiting our website and filling out a short registration form. Once approved, they can begin browsing and bidding on available projects.

Yes, once you have registered and been approved as a vendor, you can browse and bid on available projects that match your skills and qualifications.

We have a team dedicated to quality control, ensuring that all services provided meet industry standards and exceed our client’s expectations. Additionally, we encourage open communication between contractors and clients throughout the project to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the work being done.