Complete Guide for Debris Removal and Decluttering

One can consider decluttering a home during the renovation, moving to a new house, relocating office space, or just for annual maintenance. Generally, the biggest obstacle during this process is getting rid of the things you will not need in the future. Therefore, debris removal is one of the essential parts of the decluttering process. 

Debris removal and decluttering can become challenging if you don’t understand the process. Despite the reason you are considering debris removal, there are several things you need to know before starting. However, it is crucial to know the time when you will need professional help for debris removal.

How Does Debris Removal Work?

The reasons for debris removal are simple: most households have several items at home that take additional space but are unnecessary. Nonetheless, many of them do not own a vehicle to help them get rid of those unnecessary items. On the other hand, some homeowners don’t have enough time to dedicate to this work.

One of the options to deal with the debris removal is applying to the regular garbage collecting companies. However, specialized companies are dealing with property preservation, including debris removal. Even though companies offer same-day service, the process can take up to weeks.

Generally, debris removal companies suggest two options for removing the junk from your property. The first option is dumpster rental when you fill the dumpster on your own, and the company will pick it up. That is an ideal choice if you are doing renovation at your house or office. The next option is truck hauling when the contractor’s workers carry out the whole process of debris removal.

Debris Removal Services

What Are The Types Of Debris?

Junk can be in different types, sizes, and shapes; however, there are generally several broad groups. That will determine the type of service you will need.

  1. Construction Debris

The first category of debris that you might have is construction debris. Based on the scope of your construction project, you may need to use different types of debris removal. Nevertheless, you should know that there may be additional precautions if you consider doing it yourself. 

In several areas of the US, the construction debris is being sorted and recycled, so you are allowed to leave it only in special landfill facilities. During construction, some common debris categories that you will have are metals, wood or lumber, roofing shingle, concrete, carpeting, sliding, etc. You may have debris that can be recycled, sold, or even reused after a small rehabilitation.

  1. Yard Debris

The next type of debris you may face while decluttering is yard debris. Even though this type is mostly organic, it is good to seek professional help from a contractor. When you hire a company for this job, they will care for your lawn waste and move it to corresponding facilities.

The process of composting the yard waste is fast and low cost. Some of the US states even require composting yard debris. In these states, there are special places where people are dropping their waste. Therefore, it is necessary to do research connected with the rules in your specific area.

Yard Debris Removal Services

  1. Vacant Property Debris Removal

Debris removal for vacant properties is sometimes uncertain as it depends on the general reason for the cleanout.

There is a requirement of having a legal eviction notice before removing the personal property from the vacant property in the scope of the eviction. However, most of the states do not have an explicit differentiation between personal property and debris. Therefore, it is important to seek legal counseling before starting the actual process.

  1. Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

Finally, the last type of debris is hazardous waste, which is special as it requires different procedures for disposal. Additionally, you cannot get rid of that using any unsafe methods like burning or burying. 

This type of disposal is harmful, and in case of improper disposal, it can get into drinking water, pollute the air or cause harm to wildlife. To avoid issues like that, all states in the US are separating special areas for HHW disposal. Common types of hazardous waste are medications, car batteries, different liquids, light bulbs, explosives, paint, etc.

What Should You Consider While Choosing a Contractor?

There are different debris companies and different types of services offered by them. To find the correct type of service provider, you need to look for the companies that have experience and will provide you with the service you are looking for quickly and cost-effectively. It can be overwhelming finding a good contractor for the first time. Therefore, some points will help you in this process.

Debris Removal Contractor

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

The first thing that you should consider while hiring a contractor is having insurance. That will ensure that the company is insured from accidents or losses while completing the work. To check this, you can ask for the certificate of insurance (COI)

Scope of Services They Provide

One of the best questions to start from is “What type of debris can you remove?”

Several debris removal companies do not work with specific types like hazardous waste. Therefore, you should first learn if that company is the right choice for your needs to save your time.

General Approach of the Company 

Despite the differences in the mode of operations suggested by debris removal companies, the general approach is the same. In the first place, you will receive a quote from the contractor after submitting a quote request. After agreeing on the budget, you will have a contact person from the company and the full schedule of the work.

Offered Pricing Structure

It is one of the most crucial parts as it defines ahead whether you can afford that service or not. Additionally, based on the pricing, you can understand how professional the company is. Be sure to remember that you should not choose only by the low price, as it may be a sign of bad quality.

To sum up, the debris removal process can be smooth and cost-effective if you do proper research and check all details of the work before starting. One of the most important parts is understanding the service you need and finding a good contractor that will help you complete your work.

Open Property Preservation Jobs

Here we present the top locations where we are urgently looking for new vendor partners to join our network. We will update the following list on a weekly basis. In order not to miss any opportunity make sure to follow the updates and apply them. Please learn about our requirements before you proceed to apply for property preservation jobs.

Description Of Available Jobs

  • Home inspection service companies located in Livonia city, New York state
    are welcomed to join our network.

  • We need lawn care service providers in Algoma city, New York state.
  • Snow removal service providing companies operating in South Plymouth city, New York state join us for rush work.
  • Property preservation companies located in Jamestown city, New York state please fill out a vendor application form to become a vendor partner.
  • Property preservation companies serving in North Richland Hills city, Texas state join us for rush work in your area.
  • We are urgently looking for grass cut service providers serving in Shreveport city, Louisiana state to join our network.
  • Lawn care service companies serving in Brookhaven city, Mississippi state we need your help.
  • Home inspection service companies serving in Lufkin city, Texas state join us today.

    To get comprehensive information regarding the jobs listed above please reach out to our vendor management department: |  (818) 230-0300

Property Preservation Job Requirements

• Applicants must have at least 2 years of field experience in property preservation and REO field services.
• Must be able to take clear & wide-angled before, during, and after photos of work.
• Must be able to meet deadlines for work orders and work with a high volume of orders.

Your eligibility and continued membership in our vendor network are determined by the quality of work, turnaround time, honesty, proper reporting, and proper documentation updates.

If you have questions regarding partnership opportunities and pricing please, contact our vendor management department. Follow us on LinkedIn to see the updated list of property preservation jobs every week.

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Our Field Inspection Service Vendor Speaks About Current Challenges and Opportunities

This week we conducted an interview with one of our vendors who provides field inspection services to discuss the challenges they face and how do they make sure to meet growing customer expectations. The vendor who we talked with is Mila. Her company was founded in 2015 with a mission to change the way mortgage inspections are done.

What sets you apart from other field inspection service companies?

We take pride in our work and treat all field inspectors with the respect they deserve. This creates an atmosphere of trust and positivity within our company, resulting in happier team members and satisfied clients.
What sets us apart from our competition is our personal approach to our work. We put our clients and our inspectors first. A company is only as good as its people. We strongly believe that happy employees and satisfied clients are the keys to business success.

What are the daily changes you face and how do you approach them? 

We as a company face the daily challenge of balancing client’s expectations with our team members’ personal life-work balance.

We value family and strongly believe that family should come before work. However, ensuring that day-to-day operations run smoothly while being respectful and considerate of our inspectors’ personal needs can be a challenge. We handle this by maintaining a staff of full-time and part-time field specialists who are ready to jump in and help out wherever and whenever needed.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

We are constantly growing and expanding, opening new zones, and on-boarding new clients every month. In five years, we will be the premier mortgage field services company in the Mid-Atlantic.

What are your team’s values?

Trust, respect, and accountability are the top values in our company. We keep our employees motivated by consistently providing them with new growth opportunities. We are not afraid of change and adapt to new situations quickly by taking whatever opportunities come our way.

Field Inspection Service Vendors

What areas of training are you currently prioritizing?

We are currently refining our vendor management process.

How do you track progress in your business?

We track our progress by monitoring our sales revenue and monthly volume, both by the client and by zone. The most important metrics are sales by a client because we want to ensure that all clients are satisfied with our work.

How do you resolve conflicts with customers? 

We track customer satisfaction by ensuring that sales by a client are growing on a monthly basis. We tend to have minimal conflicts with our clients. Our general approach is it’s better to take a one-time loss to resolve a short term conflict in order to establish a long term relationship.

What are customers’ expectations and do they change?

Clients are always re-adjusting their rules and expectations. The only constant in this industry is changing. We are very adaptable in this regard, adopting new rules quickly and making sure all our field inspectors are up to date.

Our vendors are our eyes and ears in the field. At United Field Service, Inc. we value their high level of professionalism and dedication. We keep an open line of communication with each vendor partner, as we need to ensure that we are all stronger in our solid front. For more interviews and industry-related updates follow us.

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Property Preservation Companies in Arkansas

United Field Services is currently taking on property preservation vendors, as well as licensed contractors for rehab and renovation in the following counties of Arkansas state: Jefferson County, AR; Ashley County, AR; Baster County, AR.

Property Preservation Work Will Include

  • Grass cuts
  • Lock changes
  • Lockbox installation
  • Winterizations
  • Dead tree removal
  • Shrub trimming
  • Board-ups debris
  • Trash outs
  • Hazard removal
  • Mold remediation
  • Inspections

*Rehabs range from minor repairs to full renovations.

Application Process For Interested Vendors

Fill out our vendor application if you have at least 2 years of experience in the REO field services and property preservation. To obtain additional information contact us directly: (818) 230-0300

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Property Preservation Jobs For Vendors in New York

United Field Services is currently taking on property preservation vendors, as well as licensed contractors for rehab and renovation throughout the entire state of New York.

Working within our organization is simple, – our order management software is intuitive and straightforward. Training is offered on an ongoing basis to ensure that we’re maintaining the highest quality vendor teams.


Property preservation work will include but is not limited to:

• Grass cuts
• Lock changes
• Lockbox installation
• Winterizations
• Dead tree removal
• Shrub trimming
• Board-ups debris
• Trash outs
• Hazard removal
• Mold remediation
• Inspections

Rehabs range from minor repairs to full renovations.

Property preservation vendors in New York fill out a vendor application here to get started.


• Must have a contractor’s license for rehab and renovation work if required by the New York state.
• Must have at least 2 years of field experience in property preservation and REO field services.
• Must be able to take clear & wide-angled before, during, and after photos of work.
• Must be able to meet deadlines for work orders and work with a high volume of orders.

Your eligibility and continued membership in our vendor network are determined by the quality of work, turnaround time, honesty, proper reporting, and proper documentation updates.

Our nationwide vendor network is our eyes and ears in the field, and we require a high level of commitment and professionalism from our vendor partners as we need you to ensure that we are all stronger in our solid front for customer exposure and satisfaction.

How to Apply

Fill out a vendor application if you have at least 2 years of experience in the REO field services. If you have any questions, feel free to contacts us today: (818) 230-0300

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What is property preservation?

Property preservation term refers to the mortgage field service industry. It is the process of caring for REO properties.

What is REO?

Foreclosed is termed a property that has been legally repossessed and taken back the ownership by a loan lending organization from the homeowner, who took a mortgage loan for funding the home purchase and was unable to make interest and principal payments. The process is entitled as a foreclosure and consists of 6 phases, which can last up to 6 months or more.

When the ownership transfers to the bank the foreclosed property becomes an REO (Real Estate Owned). The final goal of the mortgage lending companies is to sell the property. In general foreclosed homes are getting listed in the market in as-is form. That’s why mortgage companies need REO property preservation services, aimed to maintain the foreclosed property’s condition, prevent degradation, and reserve the property from any current or possible violation.

Property preservation companies serve banks and asset management companies to provide repair, inspection, insurance claim management, maintenance, and other mortgage-related services. Mortgage Filed companies should ensure that the work required by the regulatory guidelines for each loan type is complete and that the property is in conveyance condition. If there are no regulatory guidelines for a specific type of loan, the HUD guidelines will be followed.

What Are Property Preservation Services?

Property Preservation services give a full range of field services which can be combined into custom packages, enabling clients to choose the precise package required for a specific foreclosure. The below-presented list of property management services, may not be comprehensive but it will give you a fair idea of the range of a property management company’s activities. 

REO Appraisal

An appraisal is an unbiased and accurate estimation of a price a buyer might expect to pay or a seller receive for real estate. An appraiser is responsible to make sure that the value of the property is in line with the price being paid. For foreclosed properties, it is important to consider the difference between the “fair market” value and the “quick disposition” value. Our local vendor partners are ready to serve you and handle the specificities of a foreclosure appraisal. 

REO Property Inspections

Inspectors make an in-depth examination of the utilities, Safety, additions/changes, structural components, Grounds, rooms of a foreclosed property. Beautiful wall colors and the neat first appearance of a home may be elusive for a buyer but not for a professional inspector.

There are technical knowledge and skills that certified inspectors possess about the construction of walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, and foundations that as a first time home buyer, you may not even have an idea about.  The examination of safety factors is one of the main reasons for hiring a certified inspector. There are possible safety concerns that inspectors will help you to test and uncover, such as radon, carbon monoxide, and mold. 

What is property preservation

Inspectors will detect the changes done without permission, which eventually may become the financial responsibility of the new owner. And in fact, inspection is crucial for foreclosed properties. To request professional Inspection services fill out our contact form. 

REO Property Maintenance 

Maintenance services may include securing, debris removal/trash out, winterization, mold remediation, lawn maintenance, etc. 


To avoid damages from freeze temperatures there is a need to take the necessary steps to winterize plumbing. Correctly handled winterization can save plumbing and heating systems. Otherwise, it can cause damages in systems, and flooding may occur.

Debris removal 

Any type of debris left by the previous homeowners inside or outside the house, get removed. This process also requires a professional approach, such as some debris that may be hazardous and cause health issues. 

Rehabilitation and Renovation Services

In most cases for foreclosed properties, there is a need for remodeling and renovating because of damages caused by previous occupants before the eviction. Rehab & Renovation as a category of services for REO, includes the following list of subcategories: maid and cleaning services, cabinet installation and cabinet repair, electrical, estimation services, plumbers, flooring, roofing, bath and kitchen repairs, concrete, masonry additions/repairs, and mold removal. 

United Field Services is one of the largest property preservation companies in the US which has a trusted and professional network of vendors. We have a dedicated vendor management department as we emphasize the quality of services. Our vendors and licensed contractors are provided training on client guidelines and requirements aiming to provide the best experience to our clients.

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Q&A With A Property Preservation Service Providing Vendor

We have started a series of interviews in a question and answer format (Q&As) with our vendors to talk about some of the challenges and opportunities property preservation service vendors face. This type of discussion with the vendors allows us to identify points where we can make improvements and perfect our customer service. Our main puropse is to make sure their companies are prepared for chalanges and ready to provide high-quality services to our clients.

Here we present an quesiton and answer (Q&A) interview with Steve. Steve’s company provides a full spectrum of property preservation services – securing of property, winterization, debris removal, inspections, lawn maintenance, and rehab & repair services. 

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Our combination of experience, dedication, well-trained staff, and internally developed servicing systems has enabled us to serve as a single-source provider for many of our clients. We provide our clients with critical information regarding a property’s condition, occupancy information and helps to ensure that vacant properties are secure and adequately protected throughout default, foreclosure, and sale.

What are some challenging aspects of running a preservation service company?

Some of the challenges of running our business are to stay up to date on the real estate market. We continue to subscribe to certain webpages and associations to provide this information to our company.

What are your team’s values?

Dignity and respect. This is the foundation of our company. It is how everyone we encounter is treated (colleagues, clients, customers).

What areas of training are you currently prioritizing?

Technical skills are a priority as systems change frequently and it is imperative that we stay up to date on what is being used in the industry.

Property Preservation Service Providing Vendor

How do you track customer satisfaction rate?

Our company has an internal quality control system. Our turnaround time is most important as this is crucial to our clients. We keep any and all client/customer satisfaction emails, letters on file; If we encounter conflict or issue with a customer we address the issue immediately to find a satisfying solution for all parties.

How do you make sure to meet the growing customer needs? 

We feel our customer expectation is to receive the best service possible. Our company, as indicated before, continues to stay at the forefront of the industry standards to meet this expectation.