Exterior Renovation Ideas That Will Increase Property Value

The very first part that everyone notices in the house and makes the first impression is the exterior of the house. Thus, houses with a good curb appeal will have higher prices and will stay less time on the market. However, there are plenty of visual tricks which can help considerably increase the property value. In this process, it is crucial to find a good contractor that will provide you with quality exterior renovation services.

What Kind of Exterior Renovations Add Property Value?

1. Renovating the doors can boost property value        

Since the first impression is vital, it is one of the best ways to start thinking about an exterior renovation. For a house, one of the elements that help to make the first impression is the door. Especially considering that it is the main part that people notice when entering the house. Thus, it is the main detail that catches the eye and attention first. 

The door itself, alongside the doorway and its surrounding, can transform the property completely. Besides the entrance door, the garage door as well can increase the property value. Hence, this is a great place to begin renovating.

Renovating the doors can boost property value

2. Changing exterior house colors is beneficial

One of the most effortless exterior renovation options is repainting the house. Often it can be quite affordable while increasing the property price significantly. Recoloring is a guaranteed way to boost house value according to the specialists. However, it is important to know that not every color will work in your favor. Professionals state that there should not be more than three colors on the exterior.

Some of the most common exterior house color options are black, white, pastel, or vibrant. For example, black and white can give off a classical and modern style. Pastel

colors can look aesthetically pleasing. It is hard to go wrong with such natural shades. While vibrant paint color can be exciting and gravitate people towards the house, it can also throw some people off. Therefore, it would be a better option to choose neutral colors to avoid losing potential buyers.

3. Exterior lighting can change the cost significantly

One of the crucial external renovation ideas is the lighting system. Exterior lighting can shift the entire look of the house and it will largely increase the price of the property. It is a powerful way to influence the first impression. The best part about this exterior renovation method is that it can be very affordable. Lights perfectly fit into a small budget but add a significant amount to the house price. Besides, exterior lights can improve the external appearance. For instance, exterior wall lights can enrich the house view and draw attention.

4. A great house renovation option can be exterior window shutters

One of the first benefits of window shutters is privacy, therefore this is a great security solution. Exterior window shutters can also protect from extreme sunlight and heat. Another great benefit this exterior component has is design. It is a fantastic option for arched windows. Shutters are a great way to show creativity. They can accentuate and add unique patterns to the house while adding to its value. 

exterior window shutters

5. Remodeling exterior wall panels can increase property costs

As mentioned, the house facade is a significant element when making an impression. Often creative exterior wall panels can make the house look expensive and high-end. Everyone pays attention to what the house walls look like on the outside. Hence, this gives a fascinating exterior home renovation design. There are plenty of wall panel types that can create a nice look for the property; brick, wooden, metal, or ceramic. The best part is that the wall panels can be even more captivating if they are in a different color. They can style the house with beautiful patterns and change it unrecognizably.

6. Think about adding some green space or other outdoor activities.

Having special places for different activities in the backyard is also a good option that will help you boost the property value. A swimming pool can be an enjoyable exterior attribute that will surely increase the overall price of the house. A lot of people prefer houses with pools. However, it is important to understand the possible return from such an investment, as the pool can cost higher than the budget for the renovation will be. Thus, you may consider more affordable options to boost house value. A chill area with sofas or bean bags can create a relaxing mood for the buyers. A place to ease down works as an effective attribute toward paying more.

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Home Exterior?

When it’s time to talk about price, everything depends on what type of renovation one is doing. For example, renovations such as repainting are affordable. However, when renovating or changing the doors of the entrance or a garage, it can get expensive. One can cost 1000 USD, and the price may go up to a couple of dozen thousand USD. Everything depends on the material, the design, and the size. 

But, there are different types of exterior renovation ideas. Exterior wall lights are the most inexpensive details but can add a lot to the property’s value. Meanwhile, window shutters may cost up to a few hundred USD depending on the type. There are waterproof, soundproof, or hardwood. 

th Cost to Remodel a Home Exterior?

How Long Does It Take to Renovate the Property Exterior?

On average, an exterior renovation can take from three months up to six months. The time length depends on the amount of work the specialists complete, considering the difficulties and complications. However, the process will not take more than half a year. It is important to remember that a few months can change the price of the house.

Is there an app for exterior house renovations?

There are plenty of applications that make the exterior renovation process easy. For example, many 3D apps help visualize how the house will change. All one has to do is fill in the house size information and make the changes. Applications are a helpful tool to understand what the result will be. Therefore, experts recommend using an app to have an idea of the renovation.

Overall, many exterior renovation projects can shift the house visually and increase the property value. These 6 are some of the main creative ones. They can create comfort and make the house look brand new. Though it is good to be aware of all these solutions. It is vital to have a professional exterior renovation service. After all, details change more than major reconstructions can. So, it is not necessary to spend a high amount of money to increase house prices.