7 Steps for Winterizing Your Properties

Winter is full of festive bustle, and it can get easy to forget necessary property maintenance tasks during this period. Despite checking the systems in the property is a process that is required throughout the year, the real period for proper winterization starts from the middle to the end of November. If you take the most vital steps before winter, you can easily prevent most maintenance issues that may arise.
Regardless of the specific area of the country you live in, you cannot ignore the winterizing period. If you are just starting, United Field Services has prepared comprehensive information on the general steps for starting the winterization. Nonetheless, it is crucial to find an experienced contractor to guide you throughout the process.

What is property winterization?


No house owner, property manager, landlord, or tenant wants to have a burst pipe or broken heater during the winter. Therefore, to avoid such issues, one should start with a proper winterization. Winterization generally indicates preparing all systems of the property to withstand the severe effects of the winter period. Planning in advance will save the owner of the property time and money for the long-term period. 

Winterization can help prevent potential damages that can arise during the winter and turn into severe and costly ones. Especially in the cold areas of the country, vacant properties can be vulnerable to severe issues due to burst or frozen pipes. For protecting all plumbing fixtures in the house, the systems inside and outside of the property should be addressed.

Step 1: Clean out gutters


As the first step, it is important to clean out gutters to prevent ice dams. In case the water flow has issues, it can turn into a massive problem when there is a snowstorm. The most optimal time for cleaning gutters is when the trees around the house have just become bare. This is the best time, provided that leaves and other debris will likely fill the gutters but you won’t have to repeat the process a few weeks later.

This step is not particularly hard, but the process can be hazardous and require climbing and staying on the ladder. Therefore, for safety purposes, it can be a good idea to hire a professional for the gutter cleaning service.


winterize your home

Step 2: Protect the pipes


The next step is protecting the pipes against the severe winter by insulating them. It is crucial to remember that during the freezing weather, you should keep a stream of water running through the taps in order to prevent bursting.

By insulating hot water pipes, you can also possibly save on utility costs. This work is not hard, but it can be tedious and, depending on the circumstances, also dangerous. That is why you would better apply to a plumber for help.

Step 3: Inspect the leaks and cracks


Next and one of the most important steps during home winterization is inspecting the whole property inside and outside for possible leaks or cracks. 

You should seal and install strippings around doors, windows, air conditioning systems, and mail chutes. There are different ways to install strippings, and you should make sure that you have chosen the best way to seal the leak or crack in the property. 

home winterization checklist

Step 4: Focus on the chimney


The next part of your house to inspect while preparing for the winter is the fireplace and chimney, as the soot buildup can be dangerous. Therefore, you should remember to clean it thoroughly before you plan to start a fire. While you should also remember to check the chimney for any cracks that need to be sealed. 

Cleaning the chimney can be completed on your own; however, in order to keep away from fire hazards, that would be a good option to find a good contractor.

Step 5: Use a programmable thermostat


One of the good options to consider during winterization is adding a programmable thermostat. With that in place, you can easily customize the heat settings that will help save energy when you don’t need to use it. According to the US Department of Energy, every lowered degree on your thermostat can help you save 1% from the energy bill.

This can also be completed on your own; however, it would be good to have an electrician check that all connections are working properly.

winterize home

Step 6: Winterize your sprinkler system


The Sprinkler system is helping to keep the landscaping lush green and properly maintained; therefore, it is extremely important to remember accurately draining it while preparing for winter. 

If the system is not maintained as needed, the water left in it can freeze and cause serious issues. Especially if you are living in an area where the temperature drops below zero, you would want to make sure that everything is done properly. Even though you can shut down on yourself, you should hire a contractor who can help you understand everything is done correctly.

Step 7: Audit electrical and HVAC system


Plan to check your electrical systems if you are thinking of keeping the heater running. Even though auditing electrical and HVAC systems are important throughout the year, it is especially crucial to make sure everything is working well before winter. 

The most common and easiest way for the HVAC system winterization is simply changing the filter. HVAC specialists can check if your system is performing effectively and also change the filter if there is a necessity.

The more detailed you prepare for home winterization, the less you will be worried about wasted energy and possible damage. These few steps will help you coast through winter as a property owner and keep away from any possible stress throughout the way. It will also help you prepare for the years coming. And if you are not sure that you can complete it all by yourself, make sure to hire a well-experienced and skilled contractor.


The Cost to Paint a House and Information Before Getting Started Q&A

Painting the house is one of the most entertaining parts of the renovation process. However, like other aspects of house renovation, this process also requires a significant amount of knowledge and research. And one of the most crucial things to know before starting renovation is how much it will cost to paint a house. Another important part to consider is getting a highly experienced team of experts who will execute everything professionally. Finally, it is time to think about what goes into painting and how much it costs to paint a house.

1. What Does the Price Include?

On average, painting a house costs around a couple of thousand dollars (2-8 USD per square foot). However, it can start anywhere from around 600 USD up to ten times more. Everything depends on the type of paint, the tools, and the work amount the contractor needs to complete.

First, the biggest part of the cost to paint a house is based on the type/quality of the material. There are cheap paints out there, however, that might not be the best solution. Cheap paint can cause issues like cracks, bumpy spots, fadedness, and other problems. On the other hand, the price of the paint can also depend on the color. This is because the price can vary per shade because of the pigmentation and the demand.

Material and tool cost constitutes the part where it can get very expensive or maybe less. Another segment comes from the tools and materials needed to complete the job. Having some of the instruments will deduct from the overall cost to paint a house. There is a list of objects:

Paint buckets: Most of the time, it is possible to get these when buying the paint. However, sometimes there is a need for extra buckets.

Paintbrushes and rollers: It is the most important category for painting the house. The regular and the rolling brushes are supposed to be high-quality to apply the product best.

Sprayers: Depending on the type and style, there may be a need for sprayers. Nonetheless, this step is okay to skip. 

Scrapers: It is vital to have this, to distribute the paint evenly. Sometimes scrapers aren’t only for applying the paint smoothly, but for removing the old one.

Clothing: This one is the cheapest out of all the materials; however, it is crucial to have this. Clothing pieces aren’t only for avoiding messes. They also help to protect other furniture.

Ladder: And of course, stairs are vital, to reach all the spots when painting the walls and the ceiling.

Finally, depending on whether the work is going to be done by the owner of the home or a hired professional, the cost to paint a house may vary. It is vital to know that even though painting sounds fun, it isn’t the easiest process. There goes a lot of experience and technique into making the paint sit smoothly, evenly, and nicely. Thus, the cost to paint a house also includes the job of the specialists. 

painting house

2. How much does it cost to paint the interior/exterior? 

The cost to paint a house is also based on the interior or the exterior. To paint the interior of the house is more affordable. The average prices are from 900 USD to a little less than 3000. Meanwhile, the exterior cost to paint a house is around 2000 USD up to 6 or sometimes even 7 thousand USD (1500-2000 square ft house). Thus, there are ways to find affordable solutions. However, the cost to paint a house from the outside is more expensive than the inside.

3. When to DIY or Hire a Professional?

As mentioned above, it will save money if the painting process doesn’t involve other workers. However, it is only common in the case of changing the interior of a room. It is much more complicated when it comes to the exterior of the house. The exterior walls are rougher and have a specific texture, which requires special techniques. In any case, it is great to have a consultation with specialists even if one chooses to paint by themselves.

There is a list of questions that can help understand whether the painter is reliable or not. Here are the main ones:

Can you provide a license? 

One of the most vital proofs to trust a specialist is their license. If the professional has a document; therefore, others trust him/her with some work. It also means that the person is experienced and can do the job correctly. 

How many painting jobs have you completed lately?

It may be even a better reason to trust a specialist than having a license. This method reveals the working experience naturally. Besides, it is an advantage; if the worker shows some of the projects he/she has completed. Thus, it will be possible to see for oneself whether the painter can achieve great results or not. 

Do you offer a warranty?  

Another advantage is when the painter provides years of guarantee. Therefore, if anything happens (cracks, damage, bumps, fadedness) they are obligated to fix the issues for free. It is a vital question to ask.

When to DIY or Hire a Professional?

4. What will painting the house change?

Painting the house is a great way to make it look fresh, new, and brighter. It seems like changing the color can change the way the furniture and the house structure look also. 

Since painting can change much in how the house looks, it can also increase the house price. That is a huge step even for the future. If the owner is planning to sell the house, the painting will raise the cost significantly. 

One of the best benefits of painting a house has is changing the design. There are endless possibilities. One is to have a bright color and make the house look abstract. Another option is to paint it in a vintage style (blue, yellow). Or decorate the home minimalistic with the help of minimal colors.    

Painting a house can also be a great trick into making the property look big in size. Light colors tend to make the walls wide and broad. Therefore, it allows us to see all the space in the house. 

5. What are the tips to save on the cost to paint a house?

Since this process may end up being expensive, there are tips to spend less. One of the first steps is to calculate the price before starting. This way, it is possible to avoid getting expensive materials.

A great tip is to borrow some of the tools and materials from friends or relatives. That way, the price will be deducted. Another fantastic way to save the cost to paint a house is to pick a neutral color. As mentioned above, those are the most affordable. And last but not least, it can save some money to do some of the jobs without the painters. For example, painting some of the interior walls/ceilings, the rooms, or the places that seem easy to paint will help a little.  There are plenty of details and information about painting the house and crucial elements to be aware of before the process. First and foremost, it is important to know the cost to paint a house: it is helpful to have an idea of how the price ranges. Depending on the interior/exterior, the paint type, material, and professionals’ work, the cost changes. Second, it is significant to know whom to trust and how to find experienced specialists.

5 Bathroom Renovations on Low Budget That are Life-Changing

One of the most important secrets in having a wonderful home is paying attention to the bathroom. It is vital to have a comfortable, clean, aesthetically pleasing, and functional one. Is there any bathroom remodel ideas on a budget? The answer is yes. Bathroom renovation is not the most affordable activity; however, there are secret ways to remodel beautifully and on a budget at the same time. Before starting to think about what to do, one should find a reliable team with renovation services.

Plenty of people think they may spend less money if they complete the bathroom renovation themselves. Even though it may be a great idea, the cost may get really high in this case. Thus, the process will become enjoyable if you find specialists who are professionals in bathroom remodeling.

1.  Change the Walls and Floors

The first step must be changing the base of the bathroom. In case of problems with the walls or the floor, this is the time to fix all those. For example, there may be cracks or damage, or the tiles have gotten old and need an update. In any case, this is the first step to begin the bathroom renovation.

When it comes to walls, the price begins with 2.5 USD per square foot. One of the lowest budget options is ceramics. However, slates and granite do not vary significantly in price. The cost for those is within the range of 3-8 USD.

Now floor tile installation will cost a bit higher. The reason is that the ground tiles are thicker than the wall ones and need to protect them from water and heat damage. However, there are bathroom flooring ideas on a budget that are also secure. For example, ceramic tiles are affordable, but they do not protect well. Whereas porcelain ones are not only high resistance but also are stylish. Their price ranges from three to ten USD per square foot. Experts recommend these during bathroom renovations.

Change Bathroom Fixtures

2.    Change Bathroom Fixtures/ Vanities

The next step is to make sure that the bathroom has a functional and high-quality sink, shower, toilet, and other features. The most important part during this step is to remember that the bathroom renovation needs to make it comfortable. Therefore, besides looking nice, you should think about how practical they are.

  • Countertop

One of the cheapest and easiest methods is to get a plain countertop and fancy it up with decorations. Some great bathroom decorating ideas on a budget are plants, jewelry boxes, soap containers, and other details. The most affordable countertop is granite. Its price is a minimum of 35 USD per square foot. However, if one wants a classic bathroom renovation, then it is possible with marble. This way it will be more expensive than granite, with around 5 USD higher cost per square foot.

  •  Replacing the Toilet

Toilets can get expensive based on their functionality and comfort. Some types change the seat, have extra cozy protection, high durability, and other benefits. However, low-cost toilets are around 100 USD. The best option would be to get a toilet in a neutral color (white). It will look simple and modern at the same time.

  • Replacing/ Installing a Bathtub or a Shower

Depending on whether you want to install a bathtub or shower, the price will differ. A bathtub is more affordable than a shower but less practical. Bathtub prices range from 800 USD up to 5,000 USD. Meanwhile, shower prices are from a couple thousand up to almost 10,000 USD. Besides, it is always possible to install a shower handle inside a bathtub. They cost from 150 to a couple of hundreds of dollars.

  • Sink

Another vital part of a bathroom renovation is installing a sink or repairing the old one if it has issues. Sinks always tend to clog and cause problems; it is crucial to fix those during a bathroom remodeling process. Sink prices begin from a couple of hundred dollars while repairing almost costs the same. Thus, sometimes it is more affordable and practical to replace it instead of fixing it.

  • Install a Shelf and add details

Installing a shelf or additional details is an optional decision. It isn’t a requirement to have a shelf in a bathroom. However, it is a great place to keep towels, hygiene products, and equipment. Additionally, shelves provide extra space for decorating, for example, plants can be a good idea as they are very affordable and pleasant at the same time. 

Another detail that is a must to add after renovation is towel hangers, which can cost 10 to 30 USD but can save space and make the bathroom tidy.

shelf in a bathroom

3.  Instead of Replacing – Repaint

Sometimes bathroom renovations can get expensive, which is why it is vital to save some money. Getting new vanities and necessary items is the right place to spend money. However, sometimes it is the most efficient to repaint instead of replacing. For example, if the bathroom already has a shelf, recoloring it could refresh the look. All white is always a great idea. Besides, it may not need more than repainting the walls.

4.  Mirrors are Important Accessories

As for decorations, there are small items that can improve the overall appearance at the same time, for instance, a mirror with a wooden frame or simply an all-glass one. It can give the bathroom a style and depend on the size, it can change the aesthetics/design. One of the options to add modern elements is decorating with something around it, like adding plants on the wall. 

 5.  Lighting Makes the Rest Look Amazing

All of the mentioned tips lead to one of the most significant bathroom renovations. You should keep in mind that bathroom lighting matters, so another great idea could be adding lights. LED lights are the most energy-efficient and affordable options to consider. These lights can be around the mirror, which is very useful. Lighting can also be in the shower with different shades.

Bathroom renovation can be costly, however, while following the general tips the cost can be reduced considerably.  There are more ideas one can do during a bathroom remodeling, however, it is vital to remember that you need to find an experienced contractor to complete everything professionally and make the process affordable.

Exterior Renovation Ideas That Will Increase Property Value

The very first part that everyone notices in the house and makes the first impression is the exterior of the house. Thus, houses with a good curb appeal will have higher prices and will stay less time on the market. However, there are plenty of visual tricks which can help considerably increase the property value. In this process, it is crucial to find a good contractor that will provide you with quality exterior renovation services.

What Kind of Exterior Renovations Add Property Value?

1. Renovating the doors can boost property value        

Since the first impression is vital, it is one of the best ways to start thinking about an exterior renovation. For a house, one of the elements that help to make the first impression is the door. Especially considering that it is the main part that people notice when entering the house. Thus, it is the main detail that catches the eye and attention first. 

The door itself, alongside the doorway and its surrounding, can transform the property completely. Besides the entrance door, the garage door as well can increase the property value. Hence, this is a great place to begin renovating.

Renovating the doors can boost property value

2. Changing exterior house colors is beneficial

One of the most effortless exterior renovation options is repainting the house. Often it can be quite affordable while increasing the property price significantly. Recoloring is a guaranteed way to boost house value according to the specialists. However, it is important to know that not every color will work in your favor. Professionals state that there should not be more than three colors on the exterior.

Some of the most common exterior house color options are black, white, pastel, or vibrant. For example, black and white can give off a classical and modern style. Pastel

colors can look aesthetically pleasing. It is hard to go wrong with such natural shades. While vibrant paint color can be exciting and gravitate people towards the house, it can also throw some people off. Therefore, it would be a better option to choose neutral colors to avoid losing potential buyers.

3. Exterior lighting can change the cost significantly

One of the crucial external renovation ideas is the lighting system. Exterior lighting can shift the entire look of the house and it will largely increase the price of the property. It is a powerful way to influence the first impression. The best part about this exterior renovation method is that it can be very affordable. Lights perfectly fit into a small budget but add a significant amount to the house price. Besides, exterior lights can improve the external appearance. For instance, exterior wall lights can enrich the house view and draw attention.

4. A great house renovation option can be exterior window shutters

One of the first benefits of window shutters is privacy, therefore this is a great security solution. Exterior window shutters can also protect from extreme sunlight and heat. Another great benefit this exterior component has is design. It is a fantastic option for arched windows. Shutters are a great way to show creativity. They can accentuate and add unique patterns to the house while adding to its value. 

exterior window shutters

5. Remodeling exterior wall panels can increase property costs

As mentioned, the house facade is a significant element when making an impression. Often creative exterior wall panels can make the house look expensive and high-end. Everyone pays attention to what the house walls look like on the outside. Hence, this gives a fascinating exterior home renovation design. There are plenty of wall panel types that can create a nice look for the property; brick, wooden, metal, or ceramic. The best part is that the wall panels can be even more captivating if they are in a different color. They can style the house with beautiful patterns and change it unrecognizably.

6. Think about adding some green space or other outdoor activities.

Having special places for different activities in the backyard is also a good option that will help you boost the property value. A swimming pool can be an enjoyable exterior attribute that will surely increase the overall price of the house. A lot of people prefer houses with pools. However, it is important to understand the possible return from such an investment, as the pool can cost higher than the budget for the renovation will be. Thus, you may consider more affordable options to boost house value. A chill area with sofas or bean bags can create a relaxing mood for the buyers. A place to ease down works as an effective attribute toward paying more.

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Home Exterior?

When it’s time to talk about price, everything depends on what type of renovation one is doing. For example, renovations such as repainting are affordable. However, when renovating or changing the doors of the entrance or a garage, it can get expensive. One can cost 1000 USD, and the price may go up to a couple of dozen thousand USD. Everything depends on the material, the design, and the size. 

But, there are different types of exterior renovation ideas. Exterior wall lights are the most inexpensive details but can add a lot to the property’s value. Meanwhile, window shutters may cost up to a few hundred USD depending on the type. There are waterproof, soundproof, or hardwood. 

th Cost to Remodel a Home Exterior?

How Long Does It Take to Renovate the Property Exterior?

On average, an exterior renovation can take from three months up to six months. The time length depends on the amount of work the specialists complete, considering the difficulties and complications. However, the process will not take more than half a year. It is important to remember that a few months can change the price of the house.

Is there an app for exterior house renovations?

There are plenty of applications that make the exterior renovation process easy. For example, many 3D apps help visualize how the house will change. All one has to do is fill in the house size information and make the changes. Applications are a helpful tool to understand what the result will be. Therefore, experts recommend using an app to have an idea of the renovation.

Overall, many exterior renovation projects can shift the house visually and increase the property value. These 6 are some of the main creative ones. They can create comfort and make the house look brand new. Though it is good to be aware of all these solutions. It is vital to have a professional exterior renovation service. After all, details change more than major reconstructions can. So, it is not necessary to spend a high amount of money to increase house prices.

7 Common Defects Home Inspectors Find and Tips for Negotiation

If you are looking to buy a home, it is vital to know if there are any major or even minor issues in the house. Therefore, applying for an inspection service will help you avoid confusion and make the purchasing process much faster. There are a few primary details to which home inspectors pay close attention. However, the most crucial part is finding a good home inspection contractor. After choosing experienced specialists, it is time to start the process.

Common Problems Found by Home Inspectors

1. Home inspectors look for structural problems. 

One of the most significant parts of a home inspection is the basis of the house. However, it should be highlighted that there are a number of structural components that fall under this category. It is generally the foundation of the house; walls, doors, windows, ceiling, and other similar elements. This shows how firm the home is; thus, it is vital to have a strong base before buying the property. 

Home inspectors will check all the materials the house has been built with and then make assumptions on how long it will last. They look for cracks, crooked doors, and issues with the groundwork. It is one of the categories that will be of high expense. However, it is the first part home inspectors will check.

Home inspectors look for structural problems

2. Electrical problems need a solution before selling/buying. 

Another huge defect found during a home inspection can be electrical issues. Damaged or exposed wires can be dangerous. Therefore, it is an important aspect to have electrical systems in good condition. Home inspectors check to make sure there is no danger in wires catching a fire. Also, it is vital to have a powerful electrical system to avoid short circuits in the future.

These types of issues can destroy the rest of the electronics in the house. Because of damages in electrical wires, anything plugged into the sockets may result in an energy spike. It can ruin TVs, fridges, ovens, microwaves, and other devices. Hence, they home inspectors this point very carefully.

3. Home inspectors check for leaks.

During a home inspection, it appears quite common finding leaking issues. Such issues mainly occur from the damage of pipelines in the house. Home inspectors check for the age and quality of the pipes. The reason for this issue can be imperfect plumbing, which can result in water flooding. 

There are two methods to fix this problem. First method is repairing the tubes and making them last for longer. Fixing the issues through plumbing will temporarily solve the problem, while it will cost less. Second, completely replacing the system is another approach to this problem, which in some cases might be the best solution, but will cost considerably higher.

Home inspectors check for leaks

4. Damaged water heaters need an immediate replacement.

Home inspectors pay close attention to this category to check for water heater damage. One of the main problems that can occur is the inability of the system to provide hot water. However, this isn’t the only issue that can happen. 

Water heater damage can cause moisture in the house, or it may even result in stains and some leakage. Hence, home inspectors recommend replacing the heater before buying the property to avoid future problems.

5. Home inspectors pay attention to roofing.

Here is one of the main home inspection issues that needs a close eye before buying the house. If the roof has cracks, splits, and damages, it may cause outflow from rain. It may not be able to protect the home from lightning strikes, floods, and other climate anomalies. The roof has to be reliable, firm, and long-lasting.

It is not a cheap part of the house. Therefore, the seller needs to take care of the roof expenses before selling the home. Thus, the buyer won’t have to worry about upcoming issues.

Home inspectors pay attention to roofing

6. Toxic mold problems need a fast solution.

An old house may result in asbestos and rotting issues, which need an immediate resolution. There may be ingrown plants on the roof, or the walls may have some moldiness.

Home inspectors usually check for this issue because it indicates the quality of the materials used for building the house and the roof. Also, it showcases the age of the property, which may deduct from the overall price of the home.

7. HVAC system issues are critical and need repair. 

Heating and cooling systems are one of the most common issues people deal with after home inspections. Since plenty of other equipment depends on HVAC systems, this becomes a real problem. Thus, this issue can cause other appliances to stop correctly working.

So, it is vital to either replace the HVAC system or perhaps repair it. Sometimes, problems like this can be solved in affordable ways. Therefore, it is always a good idea to call a specialist to take a look and maybe help you save some budget.   

HVAC system issues are critical and need repair

Do the sellers or buyers have to fix everything after the home inspection?

Usually, the sellers have to look to cover the significant problems with the property after home inspection; such as structural, electrical, plumbing, and other systematic issues. It is because these categories require a high budget and are mandatory elements for a house to have.

However, other issues like paint, furniture, design, and similar segments are on the buyer’s side to be fixed. They choose how to style and renew their house; therefore, these elements are not the sellers’ obligation to renovate.

What can you negotiate after the home inspection?

One of the most important tips to know after the home inspection is to ask for money instead of a repair. First of all, the buyer will choose what they prefer, and everything will be in their desire and taste. Secondly, the buyer may fix some of the issues in other ways and save a part of the budget. Therefore, there are plenty of benefits in this case.

Another good option is not to care much for cosmetic issues because there are methods to modify those in affordable ways. Also, these are the type of details that should be done by the buyer simply because the seller does not know the stylistic choices the purchaser is going to make.   

What can you negotiate after the home inspection?

Do sellers get a copy of the home inspection?

Most of the time, there is no need in providing the seller with a home inspection copy. It is because the buyer will be paying for the expenses of an inspection. However, the seller should get a request for a repair with all the costs after the home inspectors hand in the results.

What to do if the seller is not willing to negotiate after the inspection?

This one can become a real issue in case the house has severe defects. Remember to try to negotiate as much as possible. However, if it seems unrealistic, then make sure to walk away in case the problems are serious. For example, if it is an unsafe environment for a living. If the place has too many broken and damaged systems then, it is best to search for a better option.
Home inspectors can help find issues that aren’t visible on the outside, but that can cause real problems for the future. It is a crucial process that can change the price of the house and a lot of terms and conditions that were in an earlier agreement. Therefore, it is vital to find experienced experts when looking for home inspectors to get the most professional outlook of the house.

Flipping a house? 10 Signs That The Roof of Your New Project Needs To Be Replaced

Flipping a house seems very easy. You purchase a house, do some cosmetic corrections, put it again for sale, and gain big profit on that. However, the process can be far more complicated and there are several factors you must consider when flipping a house. For example, the roof is one of the most vital parts of the house. The roof of the property needs to be inspected properly and repaired or replaced if needed. Therefore, it is crucial to apply high-quality roof replacement services.

 Warning Signs the Roof Needs Replacement

1. Broken Parts are a Major Sign for the Roof Replacement 

One of the easiest ways to tell whether the roof needs to be worked on is by looking at its overall condition. If it doesn’t look complete even without doing a comprehensive inspection, it is most likely a great idea to start thinking about some roof renovation or replacement options. Broken parts are either a sign of an old roof or a sign of low-quality roofing materials. In both of the cases, it needs to be renewed.

Thus, it is vital to consider a roof renovation or replacement as soon as possible. That way, it will help you avoid possible problems during placing the property in the market and will save further unnecessary expenses.

Roof Replacement

2. Cracks and Holes Can Cause Leaks

Another reason for a roof replacement is cracks and holes. First of all, the worst issue that the cracked parts can cause are leaks from rain. The inability of the roof to keep the water out of the house can also be noticed from the water stains on the ceiling. Overall, the cracks or holes on the roof are a factor that won’t withstand wind, rain, storms, and other climate difficulties. Therefore, installing a new roof will be the best solution to this type of problem.

3. Missing Parts May Need Partial Roof Replacement

If there are missing parts on the roof that you can easily notice, the best solution will be to install a new roof. However, the issue may also appear not because of the age of the roof or bad roofing materials. In this case, it can be quicker and more affordable to replace only the missing part.

The crucial component is to make sure the parts are from the same material and are connected firmly, to withstand bad weather. That’s why there is a high need for a good and experienced contractor to fix this issue professionally.

Missing Parts May Need Partial Roof Replacement

4. Layering/Flaking of the Roof Needs a Replacement

With the use of cheap materials come problems like this one. If the roof starts to flake or has layers, this is a sign of the issue that needs an immediate roof replacement. It is common to add a layer on top of the old roof instead of replacing it, which is the cause of such issues. Another problem it can cause is weighing the roof down, thus, making it more breakable and untrustworthy. Therefore, the best solution to this problem will be completely replacing the roof.

5. Granule Shedding is a Sign to Change the Roof

This problem usually occurs with asphalt shingles. Granules start to fall from them because they become worn out from wind, rain, storm, sun, and other climates. It is a significant sign that the roof is deteriorating, which often happens after years of usage. In this case, it becomes obvious that there is a need for a roof replacement.

Granule Shedding is a Sign to Change the Roof

6. Curled Shingles Need a Fast Roof Replacement

Different types of curls can occur; inward and outward. However, both of those are going to cause issues in the future and will be included in the inspection report. The twisting allows for water to leak through it, thus leading to leaks.

So, this is one of the cases where it doesn’t matter how long the roof has been there; the house needs roof replacement because it will not protect it from rain.

7. Moldiness or Ingrown Plants are Signs to Replace the Roof

These kinds of problems show that the roof material has poor quality, which leads to ingrown plants or moss. It can also be because of the time the roof has served. Probably because of the weather, it got destroyed and started rotting. That is another case where there should be no further waiting but an immediate roof replacement. However, sometimes moldiness can be solved with the help of roof cleaning services for mold removal. This can save a significant amount of money.

Moldiness or Ingrown Plants are Signs to Replace the Roof

8. Bumpiness Means the Roof Has to be Changed

Some types of roofing materials are not high-quality and they don’t protect well from rain and humid weather; that is why bumpiness may occur. However, there are different types of bumps. For instance, there could be lumps because of the wrong roof installation. The specialists may not put the nails correctly, therefore causing an issue like this one. Roofs like this are not so excellent at protecting from different climate conditions. Hence, it is vital to call a roof replacement service.

9. Another Vital Roof Replacement Reason is Sagginess/Droopiness

This issue happens in two cases. The first one is the weather. Roofs tend to hang aside or sag in case of harsh rain damage. It is a common issue, and it is critical for being solved as soon as possible, in order to avoid further complications.

Another reason for a droopy roof is heaviness. Some roofing materials are very thick and heavy; thus, they weigh the roof down by making it fall. In any of the cases, it is vital to replace it as soon as possible.  

Another Vital Roof Replacement Reason is Sagginess/Droopiness

10. Age or Discoloration is a Major Sign for a New Roof

If the roof has been the same for over 20 years, it probably will need a replacement. Of course, the simplest case is it looks worn out, old, or if it does not fit in with the design of the house. Some issues may be structural and hard to differentiate; however, everyone can tell if it looks like it needs a change.

Sometimes, roof colors fade away or start to change, so that shows the age. Therefore, there is a need for a roof replacement, or perhaps a consultation on whether it needs renewal or not.  

How much will a roof replacement cost?

One of the biggest questions concerning roofs involves the price. The average cost of roof replacement ranges between 5,000 USD and over 20,000 USD. Most of the price depends on the house size and the roofing material. Some types of roofs can be expensive; others may be more on the affordable side.

How much will a roof replacement cost?

How long does it take to replace a roof?

Also, many people postpone the roof renovation or replacement as they think it may take a while. However, the average time a roof replacement takes is a day. In some extreme cases, it may extend up to a couple of days but never more than 5. So, in general, it is a faster process than many can imagine. 

What do you need to know about roof replacement regulations?

If you are planning to start your roof improvement or replacement project, you should consider learning about the specific requirements of the necessary permits you need to obtain. This is generally done for the safety of all the involved contractors. Major replacement projects may require permits, while minor improvements will not necessarily require any.
There are various situations, but these are a few of the most vital signs that the roof needs replacement. Now, the process may be a bit different because of the COVID-19. There are few face-to-face interactions, while instead there are also online roofing contractors, which can make the process faster and less stressful. The best solution is to choose a reliable roof replacement service.

Home Inspection Checklist: How It Affects Purchasing/Selling Property

The home inspection is a crucial component to consider if you are planning to buy or sell a property. The process involves an examination of the property for any possible issues. Inspection is generally completed by a professional inspector, who provides a comprehensive report on the home’s foundation, current condition, as well as what will need immediate attention or maintenance. The house condition can largely impact the selling price, which is why it’s vital to find a professional home inspection contractor. This is why you should know what is in the first place of home inspection checklist.

Home Inspection Checklist:

The home inspection checklist includes all the main elements that one should know before starting the inspection process. Each category in the checklist contains different elements; however, it mainly covers most crucial segments of the house, on what depends the overall cost of the property. If you are working with an experienced inspection company, they should inform you of the most important parts to look at, while here are the five most essential categories to have in your house inspection checklist.

Find a professional home inspection contractor

  • The Foundation of the House

The foundation includes primary places that catch the eye of the inspector, such as walls, roof, and other important parts. For instance, a roof inspection is vital to have in your report. Inspectors usually check its durability, and whether it has mold or splits. Thus, it is necessary to consider the maintenance of your property beforehand.

  • Construction Structure

During the home inspection, it’s also important to pay attention to the house shape, size, material, and other fundamental components. The main rationale behind this is that the property price largely depends on the house firmness and shape. Therefore, if the material used for the construction doesn’t have high quality, it may reduce the final price. 

  • House Plumbing System / HVAC

It is also essential to list the property’s plumbing and HVAC units in home inspection checklist, provided that these are substantial aspects of the property worth close look. The home inspection aims to check for pipe leaks, rust, good airflow, hot water temperature, and basically longevity of systems that make the house function well.  

Property’s plumbing and HVAC units

  • Electrical Systems

During the home inspection, it is also vital to make sure all electrical chains work properly. For instance, in the first place, the inspector may look at heating systems and security cables. You should be sure that you have all these sorted out because the buyer will want to live in a house without such issues. So, it will save them time, money, and effort to fix electrical panels.

  • Interior and Exterior

There is a high value in a good exterior and interior of the property and it can affect the price significantly. During the home inspection, specialists will look at how everything works and generally the age of the house. They will check to see if the floor or the ceiling needs to be changed. Also, they will check up the paint, whether it has cracks and breaks. In general, the interior and exterior category involves the condition of the house from all views.

1.   How much time does a house inspection take?

On average, home inspections take a couple of hours, depending on the size of the property. It can last anywhere from 2 to 3 hours for a house that’s about 1500 square feet. However, if the house is more spacious, then the time may vary based on the size. Despite the average process, a home inspection may take slightly longer than before because of the COVID-19. The timing doesn’t differ significantly, but there is a specific guideline for the home inspection, which might take some time.

How much time does a home inspection take?

2.   What should a seller expect from a home inspection?

Generally speaking, a home inspection process checks whether the property is in a good condition and looks for anything that needs to be changed. It is vital to know that the process may cause deductions from the price of the house. Therefore, it may occur if the house has structural, material, internal, external issues (pipes, air conditioning, heating systems, walls, roofs, etc.)

3.   How can the inspection impact selling/ purchasing a house?

Home inspections can affect the selling and buying process if there are significant issues. If some parts require replacement, which means there will be a need for financial spendings, then the selling price will reduce. Home inspections tend to find elements that may cause issues later to avoid those. For instance, the house may seem fine; however, the home inspector may insist on changing the water pipes, because after professional evaluation, he/she foresaw them breaking, cracking, or leaking in the future.

Another way the home inspection may affect the price of the house is due to structural problems. The construction of the house can affect the way it resists different climates. For example, there can be issues with the columns of the house that are responsible for withstanding earthquakes, hurricanes, and other force majeure situations. Thus, it is crucial to remember that the property needs to be firm, in good systematic and physical condition, as well as it must have great functioning systems.

4.   How much will a home inspection cost?

On average, the price of inspection varies around 300 USD, but it can differ. Prices are starting from 200 USD, but the general price can go up to 600 USD. What can affect the home inspection cost? Firstly, it may have to do with the location of the house. For instance, in the first place, the price will be based on such factors as the distance of the property from the inspector, its size, selling price, and age.

How much will a home inspection cost?

5.   What’s not included in the property inspection checklist?

Inspection may seem an easy process. However, it is vital to know what to expect and what not to expect to come with home inspections. The specialist will never look at the swimming pool, despite how much they can add to the value and the house price.

Inspectors also generally don’t inspect household appliances, furniture, or lead paint. These are details that do not interest the inspector because none of them will cause issues. It’s also not a home inspector’s job to check toxic materials such as radon gas or poisonous mold. Even though these can be problematic, it is not within their responsibility.

6.   What to do after the home inspection process?

After everything is complete, the inspector should provide a home inspection report, which includes all the information about the house. The report can be a physical copy or a digital document that will contain a list of what’s wrong with the property, with attached images and descriptions of the problems with further possible solutions.

Then, after analyzing the inspection results, there are two options: the first solution is to understand the issues and resolve them with specific specialists. By doing so, it may solve the problems at an affordable price. Therefore, it will raise the house cost significantly. The second method is to modify and confirm the cost with the buyer. The purchaser can provide some of their finances from the budget they have prepared for the house, thus buying the property cheaper.

What to do after the home inspection process?

A home inspection is a very crucial task before selling or buying a property. It can change all plans because inspectors are experts who pay attention to details a house seller may never consider significant. A professional can determine the state of the house, which will lead to further actions. Most importantly, there is a need to find a really good home inspection service provider to get the best results for both parties; the buyer and the seller.

2021 Best Roofing Options on a Budget: Costs, Pros & Cons

It is vital to consider a number of roofing options before choosing the best one. There are plenty of details to be learned before making a final choice; such as “how much roofing supply will the house need?”, or “what kind of roof tiles will look stylistically pleasing?”. Crucial details go into choosing the best roofing option on a budget, but it is possible to accelerate the process by applying to specific services.

It’s considered one of the most affordable options for roofing. Since there are plenty of choices, the price range can differ from 3 USD to 15 USD per square foot. Specialists highly recommend shingle roofing as one of the best choices.


One of the most important aspects of roof replacement is that it can be costly, therefore, it is important to find a stable roofing option. Shingle roofing is persistent and durable, which means there will be no need to repair the roof. One of the best types is wooden shingle. It is low-cost and quite resistant to various climate conditions. Besides, it can help you cut down on energy bills. Another option can be slate shingles, which look stylish and beautiful thanks to their design solutions.


Some shingles can be fragile and easily breakable. Other types, such as tiles, can be heavy and higher in price . They may need an extra supporting layer for roof flashing, which can add on to the expenses. Some are structurally complicated and are relatively hard to build.

"Shingle Roofing"

There are plenty of gable roofing options; side, crossed, front, etc. Prices differ from 8 USD to 16 USD per square foot. Therefore, this can be a great roof choice, but it also has its good and bad sides.


One of the advantages of this type of roofing is weather durability. Its design allows shedding precipitations, which means the roof will be protected from possible harm. Another great pro that gable roofing has is its affordability. Due to the simple design, the price is quite low and it requires low-cost maintenance. Other than that, it provides more space, thus allowing to build more.


Unfortunately, apart from the good sides, there can also be disadvantages for such ways of roofing. Despite its resistance towards rain and snow, experts consider this type of roofing not highly sustainable against winds and hurricanes. Professionals highlight it is easily breakable based on the specific roof design.

"Gable Roofing"

3.  Mansard Roofing is Extremely Durable

Mansard roofing is one of the most popular roofing options in Europe, which is also called the French roof. The budget per square foot varies from 10 USD to 14 USD.


Mansard roofing is a good option because it allows you to have additional territory due to its style. It can even leave space for an extra floor or provide a very high ceiling, which is a big plus.


This roof type isn’t very durable against heavy snow or rain; thus, it can be an excellent option for places with no extreme climate conditions. Another con is that mansard roofs take a long installation time, which means they can cost a bit more in the end. However, there are several types of this roofing as well. So the price varies according to the style; single-slope, straight-angled, symmetric, and others.

4.  Hip Roofing Provides Many Design Options

Hip roofing is very similar to gable roofing from the perspective of design. However, this option has 4 slants instead of 2. The price ranges between 8 USD and 12 USD per square foot. Nevertheless, in the end, this roof may cost more than the gable. This option also has a variety of styles and the price can differ depending on the final look.


The biggest plus here is its stability and having a great grip. Hip roofs have excess slopes, thus, they hold very well. Also, this type is considered highly damage-resistant.


The main disadvantage is that because of the complicated design, it needs more roofing supply. Hence, their building process may take a bit longer and cost considerably higher.

5.  Flat Roofing Allows to Build a Green Roof

On average, the price range for flat roofing is 5 – 10 USD per square foot, but it can change depending on the material. The flat roof has a low incline due to which it drains water. 


Since it is low built, it can hold against rain, snow, and wind. This kind of roof has low installation and roof repair costs. They require fewer supplies and fewer complications. Additionally, this allows to be creative and have a green roof, which will look beautiful and be eco-friendly. Another great benefit is its energy efficiency, especially during warmer weather, due to not having slopes.


The worst part is that flat roofing is not so secure during cold weather. It is crucial to consider this roofing material to be waterproof. Statistically, this type is the one that people replace earlier, which means it may lead to further roof repair. One of the reasons is that green roofs can be dangerous and cause leaks.

"Flat Roofing"

6.  Skillion Roofing is a Modern Type

Another good option to consider for roofing is skillion. This type has the most stylish-looking design, and it differs from other roofing options. Skillion is one of the most cost-effective options due to its cheap roofing supplies. Its price starts from a couple of dollars per square foot.


The water drainage works best with this roof type. It has a very modern design and looks aesthetically pleasing. The most important question here is: “how long does this roof last?”. The answer is that this type has extreme longevity, and can be resistant to drastic weather. It can also be energy-saving because its design allows solar panel installation.


One of the main cons is that it doesn’t leave extra space for an additional floor or room. Even though it is highly resistant in specific weather conditions, this roof doesn’t sustain well in strong winds and can be easily damaged.

"Skillion Roofing"

7.  Gambrel Roofing is a Low-cost Option

This type is affordable, and its price ranges between 8 – 14 USD per square foot.


Gambrel provides you with an opportunity for additional expansion in the future. A gambrel roof can leave some space for an attic, which is a significant advantage.


Because of its design solution, this roofing is prone to crash. Despite this type being affordable, it cannot withstand heavy climates. 

8.  Concrete Roofing Option is Energy Efficient

Concrete is yet another roofing option. It can look aesthetically pleasing if it has a unique color. Other than that, it is one of the most low-cost roofing options, with the price ranging from 4 to 6 USD per square foot.


It can be a great choice due to its ability to resist wind, storm, rain, and snow. As mentioned above, it is very affordable and can last a lifetime because of its firmness. Finally, concrete roofing decreases heating and energy utilization.


This roof option has a few disadvantages, one of which is its weight. Concrete can be heavy and may need additional support underneath. Another con is how quickly the paint can fade because of the roofing supplies. 

"Concrete Roofing"

Roofing Materials/Prices/Benefits & Risks

Depending on the used roof material, its expenses, durability, and quality can largely vary. In general, you may need a helpful guide to be aware of roofing materials. Thus, finding a good roofing supply is crucial.

Clay Tiles

This type of roofing is firm due to its density. Clay roof tiles can withstand hot and cold temperatures. They are eco-friendly, and it’s easy to replace them. One of the best parts is that tile is inexpensive. The cost can be from 4 to 6 USD per square foot.


This material is considered a very common choice. The price can range from 100 to 150 USD per square foot. It is also very easily replaceable. However, it has issues with different climates, for instance, windy or hot.


Now, metal roofing has vigorous permanence, is easy to maintain, and provides a pleasant appearance. It is a safe matter and can cost a high price. A metal roof cost can vary from 150 USD per square foot up to 1600 USD, depending on the metal.


Based on the kind of wood, the texture of the roof can be different. For example, if the roofing option is shingles, then it will be strong. Whereas in case it is wooden shakes, the roof may have rust. However, both of these options last a long time. The one negative aspect is that the price begins from 600 USD. Despite everything, it is important for you to trust the house to a professional specialist. That way, there will be no further issues, and the roof will have extreme longevity with the best fitting appearance.

10 On-Budget Remodeling Ideas to Increase Home Value

Increasing home value is not an easy task to undertake. It requires precise planning and a clear action plan. With the right contractor’s crew and a development strategy, you can increase the property value on average by 40,000$ only with a budget of 10,000$.

To succeed in your undertaking, you will need to discuss the project with an experienced and knowledgeable contractor who can organize the remodeling on time and provide high quality.

Wondering where to start and which renovation or remodeling options to consider if you are in need of quick and on-budget solutions? Keep reading, here we present answers to these questions!

Optimize the Style for Higher Home Value

One of the most important components of increasing home value is picking the right style. For example, minimalism is a low-cost and functional style, where one detail is enough for an impressive change.

Style is a crucial element because it can completely change the appearance of the property, therefore, this is the first step in the process. There are different ways to choose the right design for a house, starting from asking for professional help and ending with looking for inspiration in magazines, books, or specialized websites.

Renovation services

Lighting Matters!

The market value of the house largely depends on its lighting, which can have a huge impact. These improvements may require more time and a home renovation budget, while they are worth paying attention to. It is also important to note that there are specific requirements for windows in different states.

While thinking of the house design, you should be sure to maximize the natural light and plan the lighting system efficiently. Be sure to choose the most effective solution from both lighting and product selection perspectives. This can help you save money for additional materials and have a good result.

Expand the Useable Square Footage

Another important tip to consider for adding value to the house are minor or major expansions. It can be as simple as adding an extra room or reach to building an additional floor. There are specific tricks to making the house look wider by creating two rooms out of a big one. Therefore, having separate spaces dedicated to specific activities will have a good outcome.

One of the modern solutions that will be nice to have in the house within a modest budget is a gym or a movie theatre. However, be sure that everything is considered in the scope of the budget provided for a renovation.

Real estate owned renovation

Details Matter for Expensive-Looking Property

Details are the key to achieving an elegant and expensive-looking property. If you have a limited budget, one of the best choices will be adding elements that grab attention.

One of such details that will complete the overall look of your rooms is crown moldings. The rooms without these details are looking cheap and unfinished. This is a good point to consider for achieving a good result with a relatively small budget.

Fix Issues for Property Improvement

Thinking of increasing property value is the right time to detect available leaks and other issues in the house to fix them. Fixing possible problems can significantly impact the price of the property. 

Check house systems and be sure that all the leaks are noted for fixing. This especially applies to old fittings, while also making sure to check new fittings once installed. If you want to make sure everything is taken care of, you should consider hiring a licensed home inspector for conducting a walkthrough of your property.

Home renovation

Increase Home Value with Exterior Design

While thinking of house price enhancement, most of the people are concentrating on the interior and dismiss the curb appeal. However, it is a known fact that the market value is largely improved through outdoor appeal, as the first thing people see while approaching is the exterior of the house. Therefore, houses with a nice curb appeal will have higher prices and stay less time on the market.

This does not only consist of exterior design, but can also include the landscaping, patio, or backyard. You should make sure that the sidewalks are clean and freshly weeded.

Use High-Quality Materials

Take extra time while making decisions about the renovation materials, as they reflect the future cost of the property. While at the first point you should try to understand what materials you have on hand that can be reused. Making the most of what you already have will help you save money and time.

It should be good to check the appropriateness according to some fundamental points when choosing construction materials, whether they are applicable with the site-specific environmental conditions, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, or applicable with the building size and type.

Living room renovation

Paint Home in Warm Colors

Fresh paint on your walls can substantially update the property look. There are even studies, according to which realtors suggest painting your house to have a more expensive look. The most important point here is to choose warm neutral colors, like white, beige or gray, that will make rooms look larger.

Correctly chosen colors will considerably emphasize its uniqueness and become memorable. Accent color for one part combined with minimalistic colors will make a good impression.

Make Easy Bath and Kitchen Remodels

A minor bathroom or kitchen renovation can enhance the home value, however, you should be sure that the work you have undertaken is small. Of course, bigger remodelings will be nice to have, while their return on investment lasts longer.

You can consider different low-cost ways to modernize your spaces that do not need many efforts or skills. For example, you can replace the hardware on bathroom cabinets, or add extra storage in your kitchen.

Bathroom renovation

Consider Energy Efficiency

Even though considering energy efficiency is not the best and cheapest way to increase home value, many professionals state that it surely does add value. Again, you can choose the way of minor improvements, like just installing energy-efficient appliances or upgrading to more productive LED lighting.

Investing in solar panels is another good way to increase property value. However, you should understand that solar panels will require a big financial budget, therefore, you should pursue this option only if you want to increase the value over a long-term period.

To conclude, the most important point to remember is that you should not spend more budget on your improvements than they will add to the property value. All of the steps above have been proven to be one of the best home improvements that can add value. Do not hesitate to contact us, and our professionals will guide and lead you to choose the best solutions that will increase your property value.

8 Essential Things You Should Consider When Hiring Contractors

Whether you need minor home improvements, property inspection, or complete remodeling, there comes the moment you need to find a professional contractor. Contractors are important assets for your home project. They will provide you a vendor and subcontractor information you will need along the process. However, there are general tips you need to know before hiring a contractor. Finding and hiring the right crew can have a significant difference in terms of safety, budget, and stress.

The renovation process will turn into fun if you find the right company for your project. However, it is important to plan everything and hire a reliable contractor who can help you throughout the process. We have gathered some of the general steps and tips you should know when hiring a contractor like a pro. Please, take into consideration that these steps may vary according to the specific location or scope of the project. 

Step 1. Learn About the Types of Contractors

Contractors are professionals, who will execute your home project from start till the end. Before hiring a contractor you should understand your goals and find the right contractor with the experience that meets your needs. Depending on the scope and complexity of your project, there are different professionals you might want to hire:

Hiring contractor
  • designer; who will provide you with assistance on choosing the general look of your house,
    • architect; they will help you create a design structure of your home, including primary structural changes,
    • general contractor; company acting as a general contractor will help you manage the whole process that includes hiring and supervising vendors and subcontractors, as well as provide you with information about local regulations and necessary permits,
    • home inspector; hiring a certified home inspector will be well worth it, as they will evaluate your property’s condition and issue a comprehensive report, which will help you mitigate any possible risks,
    • painting contractor; they are usually hired as a subcontractor by your general contractor, or you can hire directly, who are usually working on small operations,
    • electrical contractor; they will help you handle any electrical repairs
    • other specialized contractors; there are other contractors, who are more concentrated in particular work areas and will help you install a cabinet and other appliances.

Step 2. Get Recommendations

After summarizing the scope of your project and choosing the types of contractors you would like to hire, ask some trusted sources for recommendations. It would be better to find a contractor from your neighborhood so that they are well aware of the specific regulations in your area. You can start by asking your friends, family, and neighbors, as well as some real estate agents who have completed projects similar to yours. By choosing local contracts, it will also be easier to contact them in case any problem arises.

Step 3. Check Licensing

Having a license is one of the most important aspects to check before choosing a contractor. Regardless of the type of your home project, you want to use a licensed contractor who is reliable and reputable. This will ensure that your contractor is aware of the building codes, safety policies, permitting, labor and hiring. The vast majority of states are requiring licenses for the completion of projects with a value of over $500. The required licenses vary across the states and can start with a simple registration and end with a comprehensive qualification process. By contacting your municipal licensing bureau, you can easily learn if the selected contractor has the license and if that is valid.

Contractor services

Step 4. Ask for a Certificate of Insurance

The next important factor to consider while hiring a contractor is looking at their insurance. This is especially important if there is an accident while the contractor staff is working on your project. You can ask for a certificate of insurance (COI), which includes information on the insurance company, policy number, and limits of the company. You can also directly check the validity of the information from the insurance company. If you decide to work with a company that doesn’t have insurance, you may be liable for any accident that occurs in your house.

Step 5. What to Ask for When Hiring a Contractor

After receiving suggestions and doing your research, it is important to check some of the information by making calls. You should have a list of companies that you need to contact and a few questions that you will need to ask each to compare their expertise. The following questions, as well as the general responsiveness of the contractor, will guide you to selecting the top option available for you.

General contractors
  • How long have you been operating in the industry?
    • How many similar projects have you completed?
    • Can you provide a list of your past clients or references?
    • Are you going to hire subcontractors for the project?
    • How are you going to manage the whole process?
    • Do you have a license and insurance?
    • What is the projected timeline for the workflow?
    • What will be the estimated cost for the project?

Step 6. Get Some Estimates Before Hiring a Contractor

Once you have compared your chosen contractors and narrowed down the list, get written estimates from them. In order to have the possibility to compare several bids, ask for a breakdown of the expenses by the following categories: supplies, labor, profit margins, and other expenses. However, it is important not to automatically choose the lowest bid. You should want to ask for the reasoning behind the difference in prices. We recommend choosing a bid that will be approximately 15% below the budget available at hand. This will allow you to afford to handle any unforeseen expenses throughout the project.

Step 7. Pick a Contractor with Solid Crew

Some part of your work may be completed by your contractors, however, they may also hire subcontractors from your local area for different types of work they are not specialized in. You should make sure that your contractor has a good team, who will manage the whole process. They need to be attentive to set a team of licensed and insured subcontractors. If your contractor subcontracts the work to anyone, just to complete the work, then the quality of your project will suffer. Be sure to ask this thoroughly from the reference list and by just directly asking the contractor.

Home construction services

Step 8. Get a Written Contract

The final and one of the most important steps for hiring a contractor comes signing the contract. Be sure to ask for a written contract that includes all the details of your project: proof of insurance, timeframe and work schedule, estimated start and completion dates of the project, list of materials that will be used with a detailed price for each item, pre-approved payment schedule, all required building permits, an obligation that contractor obtains lien releases from subcontractor companies and other suppliers, as well as any other information crucial for your project.

This whole process can seem intimidating and hard while doing good research and checking all details will pay off in the future. Working with someone you don’t rely on will turn into a headache. As a result, you can have unfinished work or exceeded budget. Therefore, take time for the research and secure a comprehensive written contract before starting the project. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the contract’s cancellation clause and all possible penalties.