Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Now that winter is finally over, it’s time to take action and bring your property back in shape after the storms of the colder months. Whether there are issues caused by this winter or ones you simply neglected over the season, spring is the perfect time to start making improvements and freshen up the property to get it in a good condition before summer. Cleaning properties is a must, however, we suggest you make use of the current season and the warmer temperature to do more thorough spring maintenance for the sake of the property itself. This article will help you organize your property maintenance priorities and provide a practical spring home maintenance checklist you need to get started. 

Home maintenance is one of the most crucial parts of property management, as not only does it ensure the house is well taken care of, but it eliminates any potential issues and prevents bigger and longer-term problems that come up as a result of poor and irregular maintenance. Moreover, good maintenance enhances the curb appeal of the house and makes it not only more presentable but better functioning and safe, which immediately increases its value in the market. This is why it is important to always be aware of the condition your properties are in, make sure everything is well maintained and no details are neglected or put off for later.

Whether there is a plumbing issue, HVAC problem, or something else, make sure you are responsive to the situation and address the issue immediately. However, as common as such unexpected problems are, the potential of emergency breakdowns can be minimized by implementing effective routine maintenance that can be performed with different timescales, the most common of which is seasonal maintenance. Seasonal home maintenance is based on the four seasons and is implemented four times a year consequently. Whether you manage a small house or multiple single-family homes, preparing the house for each season will benefit you in a long run. 

Now that winter is over and the warmer months are close, it is the right time to start implementing detailed and high-quality spring maintenance. And if it’s something you’re going for, then we have the ultimate spring home maintenance checklist to help you better orientate and organize the whole process to ensure all important details are addressed. 

 Exterior Space 

1. Take care of the roof.

Inspect the roof and make sure it is in sound condition. The roof is the most important part of any house, and proper roof maintenance ensures the safety and soundness of the overall structure and preserves the interior space. Spring is the best time to inspect the roof of the house for any signs of shingle damage or leaks in order to address the issue on time. 

2. Clean the gutters. 

First off, make sure the gutters are not damaged. Reattach any sagging parts or consider replacing them if the condition is not good. Caulk them to prevent leaks, and remove all debris from the gutters. 

3. Take care of the lawn. 

Now that winter is over, it is time to invest in lawn care as it will spruce up the entire outdoor space and make it look more neat and appealing. For better results, contact a professional for lawn care services who will arrive with all the necessary materials and give a perfect finish to the whole lawn area.  

4. Trim the trees and shrubs. 

Lawn care is important for the overall appearance of the house, but so are well-maintained trees and shrubs. Make sure all the trees and shrubs are properly trimmed so that they don’t cause damage to the roof, windows, or siding. 

5. Inspect windows and doors.

Up next, make sure you inspect and spot any damages on the windows and doors. Whether there is rot caused by snow or they are simply already worn out, make sure you update the caulk or replace them, if necessary, to save more energy. 

6. Inspect sprinkler system. 

Test run the sprinkler system to make sure it works properly and is not damaged by the snow. 

7. Refresh the paint, if necessary.

After the long winter months with heavy snowstorms, it is also important to make sure the paint looks fresh. Look at the overall house as well as the windows and doors and reapply any damaged area for a fresh look. 

Interior Space

1. Run a home safety check.

It is important to test the home safety features routinely to make sure they are working properly. Make sure batteries are changed in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and exhaust fans are operating properly. Pay attention to the fire extinguishers to make sure the needle is in the green zone. 

2. Check the basement and attic.

Make sure the basement and attic are inspected properly to identify any moisture and signs of leaks. This can cause further complications in the house, which is why it is essential you solve any issue immediately. 

3. Inspect the HVAC system.

Test the HVAC system and make sure the air filters are changed so that the system operates properly. 

4. Check the water hoses of the washing machine.

Look for signs of cracks, and if you spot any, make sure it is fixed and well-functioning. 

5. Check the dryer vent.

The same goes for the dryer vent. Check for lint buildup and make sure it’s cleaned. 

If you’ve taken care of all the points mentioned above, then your house is updated and ready for the warmer months of the year. However, if you’re still not sure where to start from and how to organize the process, consider hiring a professional maintenance crew who will take over the entire procedure and complete all necessary checks and repairs. Many property managers and real estate brokers, who have to handle all maintenance for multiple properties, choose to work with a subcontractor that will assist them in organizing all maintenance checks and inspections and make sure the houses are kept in excellent condition. The most important thing is to find a trusted partner in your subcontractor, a team of professionals who provide quick and effective solutions and simplify the workflow for you by providing high-quality maintenance services. And with the necessity of proper spring home maintenance, it is essential that you find a partner who can keep it organized and productive.