Benefits of Having a Property Maintenance Partner

Regardless of what type of property you manage, multi-family, commercial, or single-family, it requires massive effort and time to keep the property fresh and marketable. Consistently organized property maintenance is essential in order to prevent potential damages or fix the current ones and ensure the house is well-functioning and high in value.

In fact, many property managers find themselves in the time-consuming cycle of planning and managing maintenance in all of their properties, which includes handling responsibilities that slow down the entire property management process, such as finding reliable contractors, long background checks, active communication with all parties involved, and much more.

This is why it is generally recommended that property managers focus on partnering with a reliable company that can simplify the entire property maintenance and preservation process. This article will discuss all the benefits of having a property maintenance partner and what you should consider when searching for one. 

Now, before diving into all the benefits, let’s first understand what a property maintenance partner company is and what they generally do. When it comes to home maintenance, property managers have to ensure everything is organized effectively and by all regulations. A property maintenance partner company works as the point of contact between the property manager and the maintenance crews handling all the work. However, the responsibilities are much more than this. A partner company should have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and simplify the day-to-day responsibilities of property managers, organize the entire process including finding the right contractors, doing background checks, making sure all equipment is available, making a home maintenance plan, and managing the entire process. Now, while this may seem too good to be true to some property managers, it is, in fact, and there are companies who specialize in this.

Teaming up with a partner company sounds promising but the ultimate question is, what’s in it for you? What are the benefits that truly make a difference and make it a partnership worth investing in? Here are the main benefits you should know about. 

1. Nationwide Coverage 

One of the most important benefits of having a partner company is the factor of getting access to their nationwide services. While handling a house or two may still be manageable, many property managers grow their client list and get in charge of multiple properties over time, including houses that are usually spread around the region and located in different areas. Now, what makes it unrealistic to handle by yourself is the fact that you need to constantly be on the go and be able to get to each location to be able to organize and manage the entire process. And getting your crews to travel to different locations is what makes it truly time-consuming and exhausting to organize. While this might still sound manageable in theory, it is incredibly difficult in action and takes up most of your time, keeping you away from handling other more important tasks. 

But the good news is that a reliable and experienced partner will provide you with nationwide services and find you the most experienced local contractors in each location who won’t need to travel and can get started immediately. Moreover, a local contractor is well-aware of local laws and regulations and will complete the job more efficiently. And in times of emergency maintenance, you can be confident the contractors will get there quickly and solve the issues immediately, increasing your tenant satisfaction as well, which eventually contributes to reduced tenant turnover. Thus, through nationwide coverage, your partner company will free you from all the chaos of moving staff around and working on multiple projects at once. 

2.  Knowledge of Laws and Regulations

While there are specific laws and regulations in each state, one of the most important things for property managers is ensuring that all the work is done in compliance with all the laws of the particular region, and the failure to follow the regulations can cause additional problems and implications. This is why teaming up with a partner company gives you the benefit of stepping down from this responsibility and letting the professional team manage it. The management team in the company keeps track of all the state and local laws and regulations, records any changes that happen and makes sure all the work is done in accordance with them. 

3. Tracking Licensing Requirements

Together with all laws and regulations, a good partner company will always be freshly up-to-date with all the changing licensing requirements in each region and make sure these requirements are followed properly by all contractors. Not only will this elevate the quality of work done, but it will also free you from the responsibility of keeping track of all licensing changes and make it easy to take on projects requiring specific licensing. 

4. Simplified Communication

Simplified communication is by far one of the most significant advantages of working with a maintenance partner company. One thing you should know is that your partner will become the middleman between you and your maintenance contractors and make the communication faster and more efficient. Communication with multiple crews can be ineffective and cause misunderstandings and further implications. However, teaming up with a professional partner will make this process smoother and much easier than before. You will now be able to make comments and custom requests, get quick updates, and communicate your requirements to the team who will make sure that all your requests are done in the best quality. 

5. Reliable Contractors

Finally, working with a partner company would not be beneficial without the factor of quality and excellence. Every property manager looks for high-quality services but not many are able to find this excellence in the current market with a variety of contractors with questionable experience. It is extremely important that the contractors have all the qualifications and licensing, know the regulations and laws before starting the project, and are time-efficient and good in what they do. And while this is the standard to go for, it is easy to get scammed by fake or inexperienced contractors. The important advantage of having a partner is that you can rest easy knowing that all of this is taken care of for you. Your partner company will do all the background checks and ensure quality, and reliability is provided, making it easier for you to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities without stressing out about all the details of maintenance. 

Working with property maintenance and preservation partner is a long-term investment that will not only simplify your workload significantly but also elevate your business and increase your profits in the long run. Your partner company will help you provide complete property maintenance and create an effective house maintenance schedule for each of your properties. While the contractor market is heavily saturated with questionable companies, one thing you can be sure of is that your reliable partner company will get you services of the highest quality, ensuring all qualifications and licensing requirements are met properly. Thus, some of the most important things you should consider when teaming up with a partner are, first of foremost, their experience and qualifications in the industry. Also, make sure to check their reviews and research their clients to be sure of their credibility. And finally, direct and open communication is the key to finding the perfect partner for you. Make sure you communicate your ideas and requirements properly, ask for a demo, and get answers to all your questions, and you can find the right partner that will help you elevate your business.