How to Efficiently Complete Initial Maid Services?

Welcome to the Vendor blog post on Made Services! In this article, we’ll be discussing the initial made services that are required to place a property in a white glove, clean condition for prospective buyers. We’ll also provide tips on efficiently completing these services, including crew size, cleaning solutions, and the cleaning process for each room.

What are Initial Maid Services?

Initial maid services involve a detailed top-down cleaning of each room in a post-sale property. The goal is to place the property in a white-glove, clean condition to make it attractive to prospective buyers. These services include cleaning baseboards, light switch and outlet covers, light fixtures, air vents, and ducts, and removing cobwebs. Additionally, all bathroom and kitchen counters, cabinets, and drawers must be wiped down, and hard surface floors must be mopped while carpeted areas must be vacuumed.

Tips for Efficiently Completing Maid Services

Crew size matters

The ideal crew size for completing a made service is three. With three crew members, one can focus solely on the kitchen, while the other two can start with the bathrooms and finish with the bedrooms, common areas, basement, and garage.

Choose the right cleaning solutions

The best chemicals to use for pre-soak are janitorial concentrate, purple power, or Fabuloso. For general cleaning, bleach, and water should be used, and for appliances, use industrial-strength oven cleaner.

Divide and conquer

The most effective overall process for cleaning each room is a divide-and-conquer approach. One crew member should focus solely on the kitchen, while the other two crew members should start with the bathrooms and finish with the bedrooms, common areas, basement, and garage. Be sure to pre-soak trouble areas like appliances, tough spots on floors, sinks, tubs, and shower surroundings.

Top-Down Cleaning Approach for Each Room


  1. Pre-soak all appliances, tile surfaces, earthy walls, tough floor spots, sinks, and baseboards.
  2. Dust cobwebs, crown moldings, light fixtures, and fans.
  3. Wipe off the tops of cabinets and then the inside and faces of the upper cabinets.
  4. Wipe down windows, window tracks, backsplashes, and walls with streak-free window cleaner and remove them with a squeegee.
  5. Wipe countertops and sinks.
  6. Clean the inside and outside of all appliances as well as behind and under them.
  7. Wipe down the insides of all base cabinets and drawers, then the outside of the baseboards.
  8. Place air fresheners in the room along with a sign-in sheet, then clean, sweep and mop the floor while working your way out of the room.


  1. Pre-soak the tub surrounding area, toilet, and glass doors.
  2. Dust cobwebs, crown moldings, light fixtures, and exhaust fans.
  3. Wipe down light bars and mirrors and clean the medicine cabinet inside and out.
  4. Wipe down the sinks and countertops, including the faucet in the front, sides, and back of handles.
  5. Clean the tub or shower in the surrounding area and use a squeegee on any glass present.
  6. Spray and scrub the inside of the toilet and around the rim. Then clean the seat, the lid, the backside of the toilet, the sides, and the base.
  7. Clean the vanity inside and out.
  8. Wipe down the baseboards.
  9. Place an air freshener in the bathroom and clean, sweep, and mop the floor while working your way out of the room.

Cleaning Bedrooms and Common Areas

When cleaning the bedrooms, start by dusting off the cobwebs that may have accumulated in the corners of the room. Move on to the crown moldings and the ceiling light fixtures, ensuring that all dust and grime are removed. Pay attention to the vents and make sure they are clean, as they tend to accumulate dust over time.

Wipe down all the closets and shelves, including the horizontal surfaces like switch plates, outlet covers, and the doorbell chime. Do not forget to clean the thermostats, drywall shelves, and any other horizontal surfaces in the room. This will ensure that no dust is left behind and the room is left in pristine condition.

Next, clean the windows, walls, and baseboards. Use a window cleaner to clean the windows, making sure they are streak-free. Wipe down the walls with a damp cloth to remove any marks or stains. Don’t forget to clean the baseboards, as they tend to accumulate dust and grime.

Finally, vacuum or sweep the floors and mop while working your way out of the room. Make sure to pay attention to any corners or hard-to-reach areas that may have accumulated dust. By following these steps, the bedrooms and common areas will be left in a clean and presentable state for prospective buyers.


Take photos of all steps being completed in each room to help document that the made services were thoroughly completed. Once the made services have been completed, you must call the listing agent to inform him or her that the property is clean.

In conclusion, completing initial made services is crucial in preparing a property for sale. By following the tips and steps outlined in this guide, you can efficiently and effectively complete the initial made services. Remember to take photos of all steps for documentation purposes.